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  1. Smarty pants! I agree though, really. The more I dove into the forums, the more I realize this is way over my head. You have challenged me, though. I can think of worse things to devote ten years to.
  2. Hi Karl! As soon as I get it back from the Rolex shop I will post photos. Lol on the dropping it from the B52! Thank you so much for your support!
  3. I love your reference to a Ducati. I used to ride a Harley and then a GSXR 1000, so I totally get what you mean. Honestly, the more I read in the forums the more I realized me trying to fix this watch would be a really bad idea. I still love the forum though, and I hope I can still hangout, read, and learn.
  4. Hi all!! I inherited two watches from my late father. One is his retirement watch, a Seiko from the 80s that has a pretty beat up crystal and I doubt has ever been cleaned. I replaced the battery and it works, but I'm sure it could use more servicing. The second watch is my prize. It is a Wittnauer Geneve 242t. Dad was a B58 and B52 pilot and probably bought it when he retired from the Air Force. It's so cool! Unfortunately it doesn't work. I took it to a jeweler with the intent of having it restored and they sent it to a Rolex repair shop. The estimate to fix is $1,840. I'm at a loss as to what to do as that is a big chunk of change for me to lay out right now. I turned to YouTube to see if there are any videos featuring this watch and no. That's where I found Mark from thewatchrepairchannel. I love his videos. They are concise and well laid out. It looks daunting, but maybe I can fix this watch myself. I'm here for advice to see if I'm on the right track or should I take it to an expert.
  5. Hiya fellow watch fans. I'm not a high end collector. The reason I am here is that I inherited two watches from my late father and I want to learn how to care for them. I'm here for advice.
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