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  1. I us TT to read 8 forums on 5 subjects. TT allows me to navigate the forums in a uniform way, no matter which forum I am on or what software is being used to run the forum. As you pointed out, there are a number of things TT does not allow one to do, or does not do well. I only read and post on forums, thus, I only need basic forum functionality. Even so, TT can be a pain. I guess the conclusion to this thread is that I need to learn how to use a web browser to read my forums. Thanks everyone for your responses.
  2. Chrome does not work as well as Tapatalk, for me. I was hoping someone knew of a forum reader app similar to Tapatalk that works with this forum. After searching for such as app, I have not found any. Just in case Mark or a forum admin sees this post, I am NOT advocating re-enabling the Tapatalk plugin on the forum. I think Tapatalk has stepped over the line with their recent policy changes. I do not like using Chrome to read forums on mobile devices, but I rather use Chrome than Tapatalk at this point.
  3. I have been using Tapatalk to read this forum up until the last couple of weeks. It seems Tapatalk will no longer connect to this forum. I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions on what other readers to use on smart phones and tablet computers? Web browsers and my old eyes do not work well together when it comes to accessing this forum.
  4. Mark has several good videos on YouTube about different aspects of hairspring manipulation. Warning: He makes it look much easier than it is. I have been trying to learn this skill. So far, I am not even close to being acceptable. Good luck.
  5. Ok, it looks like Tapatalk has confiscated my images. I’ve always used Tapatalk to post here and this has never happened before. I can see the images on the links but it is probably because I have a Tapatalk account. I will try to figure out how to get the images to show up as before.
  6. I Will state up front that I am really good at messing up hairsprings. The movement is a Hamilton 987-E. When I disassembled it I found the hairspring was not centered. After watching Mark‘s video on fixing this issue, I gave it a try. I ended up with what I think is a hairspring that is not repairable. I ordered a NOS Hamilton Military hairspring that was listed for 987A - 987S. My question is will this work? See the photographs below. This is the new hairspring, as it came out of the package. It is as if the triangle piece is attached in the wrong orientation. Or, am I supposed to bend th
  7. Step back from the table. She’s got this. LOL
  8. This forum is part of Mark’s watch repair lessons web site. It is for people like me, and maybe you, who want to learn more about watch repair. The great thing about this forum is that there are lots of knowledgeable people here who are willing to nudge you in the right direction. I am not qualified to answer your question, but that has never stopped me before. There are a few items on quartz movements that are repairable. However, many times the cost of a new movement is cheaper than the repair, especially if it is an internal problem. You might search on YouTube for quartz movement repl
  9. I am sure this question has been asked before, but it is a question that could be asked in many different ways. Anyway, I did not find anything from searching. My primary interest is American made wrist watches made before the '60's. I am a newbie and have been buying cheep Hamilton, Elgin, etc. movements and trying to repair them. If I need a part, they can sometimes be difficult to find. I started out in Mark's classes with the Seagull 6498 clones. If I broke a part, which I did regularly, it was difficult to find replacements. My question is what are your recommendations for reas
  10. Those of us on this forum who are interested in vintage and antique watches have a vested interest in helping you sell these items. The grouping suggestion is probably the best option for someone not interested in spending the rest of their life selling these parts. If you decide to go this route, please post your ebay account name here so that we can all follow your auctions. Good luck.
  11. When I first pulled the balance I noticed the hairspring was not centered. I ran the whole piece over the demagnetizer, but there was no change. I will disassemble, as advised, and oil the jewel and see if I can improve the hairspring. Thanks everyone for the help.
  12. This appears to be an end stone, but I do not see how to oil it. The lower jewel can be oiled before installing the balance. What should I do with the upper?
  13. Tudor, I am in Baton Rouge, LA. I bought the watch from a jewelry store / pawn shop in Beaumont, TX. P&W had facilities all over the U.S., but I have no idea where the person who owned this watch worked. I really like watches with inscriptions on them. I still am not 100% certain of the G-S number, but I bought a crystal off of eBay. I should have it in a week or so. If nothing else, I will eliminate crystals that do not fit my watch.
  14. You might try International Dial Company. I have not used them, but I see them referenced on the vintage watch forums.
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