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  1. I think what we got here is a Stone lever movement cal. 9 . Found a photo of a Minerva having this movement, seems there was many companies using this in the later 30 and early 40 http://sichert.hellert.de/images/bilder/min_tau2.JPG
  2. On the case side dose it have GS/TP and under that a number?
  3. I think you have to remove the crystal first which I think there a tool for that, then turn the crown so the word MIDO is straight and then turn the case over and the movement should drops out.
  4. The Zippo brand is what I have and I order it from Amazon.
  5. After I strip down the movement I remount the balance complete and then all parts other then the pallet fork goes into my ultrasonic cleaner with is filled with warm distilled water and a shot of a alkaline base degreaser. After this parts are dip into fresh distilled water then dip into 99.9 alcohol. Balance complete is then remove and all parts are blowed dry. I will check all parts other then the screws under my microscope and if the the balance complete needs more cleaning then I will put it into some lighter fluid and using a straw like Mark is showing doing I will agitate the fluid. The
  6. I just did says AS 1187. So now I know what I'm working with seem a easy job.
  7. Thanks guy was fingering someone her has ran into this before. Not going to strip it down yet, dose run for a bit then quits. I have two projects on my desk waiting on parts to come in from the Ukraine right now then I will start on this one.
  8. Here another one of my projects I pick up from a flea market not found much info on it as far what movement they used etc. Though I would post it to see if anyone had any experience on them. Thanks.
  9. Funny I just did one of these they can be a pain. Was I did was to hold the the spring vertical with my tweezers with the tabs in line with the grove then I turn my movement holder a 1/4 turn and it felt right in. You have to remember they enough room to do this since the spring with hing up for service. I did do this work under my microscope.
  10. I had one these, real pain in the butt, but after watch this video things when better.
  11. Not worth returning at only 5 bucks, should have knew for that price something was not right, but we live and learn do we not. I will try to fixed what I have or keep this for spear parts.
  12. I figured it's not the right one. So how do I know which one I need.
  13. Have another pocket watch with a 6498 movement and other than the Hairspring it looks good. The Hairspring you could tell it was bent and off center which I'm sure someone with right skill can fix but that's not me, not right now anyways. So going by the part number Mark show in his video which is 721 I order a new one and the one that came in is a lot small than what I have. Question is are there different sizes of this part or what. Thanks for help.
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