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  1. That would be right there no output to a laptop etc but not a big deal for me since this is just for inspection. The image is far better than what you see here since like I said I took the picture with a camera.
  2. So far so good. You can take pictures and do videos with it if you have a micro sd card which I don't and you can tilt it if need be. Also the lights can be adjusted. Here a shot of a Pallet fork, I'm sure it would look better if I could take the shot with it and not my hand held camera. Only con is it comes with only a USB cable to charge the batteries but you can use a wall charger which I happen to have.
  3. For sure get a LED light so there no heat and I also like a green work mat. I have my work table set up in a very small room and in this room there also all my computer equipment and my drum kit so no room for a bigger work table. Here a shot with just the lamp on and no over head light.
  4. This is what I'm using and love it and only 20 bucks. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-LED-Swing-Arm-Architect-Desk-Lamp-Black/55347309
  5. Though I would share this here mostly for someone new like me who just started in this hobby. I think it be fair to say most of us started with this movement and is the one Mark uses in his watch repair course although it's says ETA the Chinese clone is the same. I used this myself and save me from having to take pictures all the time also show where to lub and what kind. This might have been posted before, not sure. Make sure you have flash player enable . https://www.eta.ch/swisslab/6497/6947.html
  6. I have one about like that coming in but has the 7019 movement. Knowing how Seiko numbering is from what I can tell mine was made in Oct of 79.
  7. I pick this up on Amazon and used my dremel tool worked fine for what I needed but the watch crystal I used it on was not scratched to badly. I have watch some used very fine sand paper to start then switch to a polishing compound. https://www.amazon.com/Polywatch-Plastic-Crystal-Polisher-Polishing/dp/B07RYPG96T/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=watch+crystal+polishing+kit&qid=1595957048&sr=8-4
  8. Had one these back in the day. Found this at a fair price going to take some work.
  9. Here another PDF that shows the part break down and also where to oil and which to use. 6498.pdf
  10. There no stupid question only the ones not asked . I got a new MS in and looks to be the right one and I don't want to mess this up. As we know when you get a new MS it's already wound up in a cage and I have look the web over and not found how to properly get the new MS out of the cage and into the barrel. I guess when I get things right here I will take Marks course and maybe I won't have ask so many questions. Thanks everyone for all the help.
  11. As Mark had said take pictures as you go which is what I have done and was going do the same with the MS before it flew apart.
  12. $111.95 From Esslinger for what I would need just for this setup. VWatchie I read that post you made about Mainspring winders and I feel the same way. To have a set like Mark got you would need to be making some money off of what you work on to justify the cost or you have more money than you know what to do with. Another though would be just to buy a few dies etc for a few movements and only work on them but you will be limited to what you can do.
  13. VWatchie thanks for your time. One more thing in looking at you photo I see the spring is wound to the right or clockwise? looking down at it and if I do get a winder then I would need a right hand winder as Mark pointer out in one of his video telling us most ETA model are left wound and some like the chinese one are right handed. I know I will need a 14mm die so I might look into this.
  14. VWatchie I guess that looks right as I said the spring flew out of the barrel so I couldn't see what was what. Here what my spring looks like now. I took a leap of faith and for 12 bucks I got another one coming. So much fun!
  15. From what I can see using what I have learn so far it is wound clockwise which my understanding is most are, there are a few out there that's wound counterclock wise or left handed. I try to wind it back in but when I get to very end it's like it's won't lay into place. I think something happen to it when it came lose like it did. I check the spring dimensions and came up with 18 " long (There some wound up to tight at the very end maybe 18.5, It's 1.48 mm wide or so and 0.29 thick also looks like a normal hook. I look at some on ebay the seller say it's for ETA 6497 and 6498 but not been able to get them to tell me anything else. Good thing this movement did't cost me much. I will keep checking and see if I can find a supply. Thanks for all the help.
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