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  1. Hello Everyone, My name is Carl and I'm from London, England... My background is Computers, Telecommunications and Electronics. I've always been interested in watch timepieces and decided to look at taking a course in watch repairs. Previously I used to replace watch quartz batteries and always pondered on the thought of doing a course on mechanical movements but I couldn't find anything suitable with work, family etc. I discovered Mark's course via Youtube must of watched his videos over a 100 times then decided to take the course. I only started in April of this year but I'm really pleased at watch I've achieved so far. I've managed to acquire a few pocket watch movements mainly based on Unitas 6487/98, 6431 and 431. The course is brilliant and what I've learned really does help with solving problems prior to stripping down. Look forward to some interesting topics and discussions on the forum. Regards, Carl
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