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  1. JohnD, I think you’re right on with this one. Both coils are open. Now I just need to see if I can find a place to source them and then see if the other electronics are okay or not. Thanks.
  2. Thanks JohnD, I’ll pull the coils and measure them and see what I’ve got.
  3. Watchweasol. I’ve included a few pictures of the movement of the watch in question. It’s marked 1374 on the back plate. Thanks for your time. Tom
  4. JDM, I’ve taken apart a few movements before but only for general cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner an nothing in the line of diagnosing any type of faults. Also, these were just practice watches as well. Thanks for the reply.
  5. I need some advice on two Casio AMW-320R divers watches. They have been living in my watch box for years and I finally decided to get them out and see if I could fix the one. Allow me to explain. One works perfectly, the other one the digital part works but the second hand doesn’t move. In fact, it could be all three hands may not move, I’m not sure because I didn’t check before I started working on them this time and I don’t remember. My plan was to take parts out of the good watch piece by price and transfer them into the one with the non-working hands to hopefully figure out which component was faulty. Well, somewhere along the way of swapping parts, I got confused which part went to which watch and now both watches have non-working hands! Hurray! Progress! At least I accomplished something. Now I really have two watches that are identical. At one point, I had both watches completely apart and I’m sure I’ve got them back together correctly because I can see the axels (I know that’s not the correct term) of the gears through the top plate and can tell they are installed properly. All three hands move by manipulating the stem and move around quickly when the watch is placed on a demagnetizer. Just looking for some idea of were I should start. My gut feeling is it’s likely to be more electrical than mechanical, as maybe I shorted something out taking the battery out with my tweezers or something? That’s the only thing I can think of. If anyone has any suggestions what I can check, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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