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  1. Thank you. And thank you for your help and advice kind regards and Merry Christmas Peter Bolan
  2. Yep, it was the automatic framework. I didn't want to "Frankenstein " it, I wanted to keep it all gilt finish.
  3. Here's a couple of pics to hopefully show what I mean
  4. Hi all I've almost finished the service on my Rado Diastar and was starting to put the automatic works back together and noticed the post for the first reduction wheel was missing. Looks as though it was loose and the ultrasonic vibrations popped it out. I have a spare automatic framework, but will I need to use a jewelling tool or staking tool to remove and refit the post? I've bought a replacement part from the US, however, surprise surprise, it's not here yet. All thoughts on my question humbly received. Kind regards, Peter Bolan
  5. Yep almost out on parole:) here’s where what stage I’m at
  6. Hi all Well after several weeks back in day job (darn covid), donnar watch arrived and replaced part fitted. Turned out, third wheel ( I think) has a friction fit opinion was the problem, damaged wheel, she lives again:) Just another little gremlin to kill and get her back in the case. Thanks to all for all help and advice.
  7. Hi guys Well things have taken an unexpected twist to an otherwise straight forward service on my favre leuba. New mainspring...check. In place and new barrel bridge fitted ( click screw tube stripped) Pallet in place....check. Put some power in spring and.........nothing! Checked work and all ok except barrel..... bummer! So donar movement found and bought just gotta wait on it coming ( boss not going to be happy ) Ah well, back to sleeping with the dogs.....move over boys and stop hogging the blanket!
  8. Hi all, Just a little update on my progress with my favre leuba. Got a new mainspring for it ( found the spec for it on pink pages... many thanks Dr. Ranft) Fitted and in place. Closing the barrel was a little tricky. The barrel cover has a small lip so I used a plastic bag round it and gently squeezed with long nosed pliers ( really dumb I know ) its closed, no marks and more importantly it turns nice and free.
  9. Thanks guys:) Well I've pushed the red button!........whew!...no boom:) Dry as a bone inside and looks to be in good condition:).. good clean and lube here you come. However, putting it back in the barrel is going to be fun. The only way I can do it atm is to use an old mainspring disc that I have from an ETA mainspring I replaced in my Rado Diastar. The "BOSS" will kill me if I spent lots of pennies on a mainspring winder.
  10. Thanks for all the input guys:)..... I'll take a closer look at it when my new click spring arrives. I did think about opening the barrel when I first serviced my movement, and yes, I wholly agree the main spring, will, without doubt be in a drier state. Many thanks again for help and advice
  11. Hi all, I am currently working on my "daily wear" Favre Leuba Tornado. The last time I serviced it, it hadn't ran for several decades. My question is.... can you open and clean the main spring barrel even though the barrel cap says "do not open" ? Many thanks for all help and advice on this question.
  12. Hi all, Glad to join this watch forum. I've been servicing and making repairs to my own watches for a couple of years now and just finished my latest time piece, only to discover after all my careful cleaning and refitting the drive train, escapement and locating a balance complete.....I'm not done yet.....broken jewel on the main plate. The watch in question is a Molnia 3602, full hunter pocket watch and the damaged jewel is the dial side balance jewel. Ah well, back in the box you go
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