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  1. Ok so the balance was fine i mean as it was already. Below Are some close ups i tried. Then i tried to remove the HS. Turned one of the i believe studs and all of a sudden it just moves out of place and doesnt wanna go back to where it was. Theres another stud i think thats holding it and i tried to turn that but its not. I want to be sure if thats supposed to be turned too?
  2. Hello fam, sorry i am not able to update very often. Im living in an air bnb as my home is being renovated for a month so pardon my delays. I dont have most of my tools on me here just few basics. I will post requested pics as soon as im able to work on it and remove the HS. My apologies for the delays
  3. Hello all, firstly sorry i had left my phone in a Restaurant and tha k god found it back today. I read all the suggestions. I am indeed not experienced and am a beginner. I dont have a microscope just yet and no staking tool. I have a 10x lens and HS tweezers fine ones. It is a 7009A movement as stated on the bridge. I am attaching few pictures as requested by few members here in order to guide me better. Im sincerely thankful to all of you for the input and i hope to learn more and fix this issue. I had few other balance that are in the same situation so i really want to learn to fix this. Kindly advise further , these are the pics
  4. Thank you guys, i see Marks videos but his HS have at least that full round shape. Mine is just leaning towards one side and other side is stuck together
  5. Hello everyone, i opened up another seiko and i think my balance moved too much so now its in this shape/form. When i put it in, it doesnt beat. How can i bring the Hs back to its normal shape from this point? I tried to gently lift and pull towards the end thats condensed and stuck close together but it didnt help. Please guide me through this new obstacle
  6. I just saw this and probably am late. But for information. There two types of gmt movements in reps. One with independent gmt hand and one that gmt hand is basically for show moves with the hour and minute hands. 6460, 2836(modded) 3804 are independent gmt hands and can be adjusted. However if you lets say talk about rolex there super clone movements that have same function as gens that is independent (jumping hour hand) and so you can monitor 3 time zones with the use of bezel and 2 time zones without the use of bezel. Hope this helps
  7. Sorry about that. I will be careful next time
  8. Finally!! Done reassembly, feeling so good! Followed the tips of checking pivots, jewel holes and re washed the whole movement. Finally it set up really well. Gotta try and re do haha.
  9. Ya thats what i was thinking maybe hes off for few days. I’ll keep you posted Thanks
  10. I bought an L&R watch cleaning basket 2.25 diameter with lid and 2 baskets off eBay. Works great Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I got one too but the moment i put in the machine all glue is coming out i really like it but its loosing glue and it has compartments what i like the most. Any clue how i can fix this or ill have to spend again
  11. Did u happen to find large basket for it? I have small and it dsnt do it well. Looking for a larger basket for the same machine
  12. Any good ones for lnr master? I just got a used lnr master and need a bigger size basket the small one just doesnt do
  13. Thats a good idea about the puffer. Thank you. Im just new to repairing so any tip is helpful. The barrel is sitting correct, wheels move free but as soon as i put the bridge either of the two mentioned above are happening. Oops, my bad shall i post there then?
  14. Hello fam, so i deicded to practice disassemble and assemble the seiko 7009 i got from ebay it was somewhat rusted. I got it as non working. I out it in my LnR master cleaner and alot of the rust was mainly out. However some marks are there i dont know if my cleaner isnt a good cleaner or this is normal. Now to the main issue, i put the train wheels and as soon as i put the train bridge back either of the two happen; when i move the barrel for test the third and second wheel move freely but escape wheel dsnt engage at all. When i re assemble it again the escape wheel engages wheel with the second wheel but i think the third wheel isnt working. I try to move the barrel and its stuck, doesnt move freely nor do the wheels. Its been two days now im stuck here. Kindly help me and guide me through it or what could be wrong? Thanking a tons in advance.
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