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  1. Stores around here are slowly restocking. Was able to buy a package yesterday. Idiots are hoarding the stuff. I hope it rots in their garages. Feel sorry for those that really need it like the shut ins and the elderly... Ron
  2. Mine would be my Dumont 3C tweezers. I have tried pliers with very limited success. And as oldhippy points out, a good eye glass to see what I am ruining with my Dumonts... Ron
  3. Thank you Nucejoe for the input. I highly doubt the young ladies in the jewelry department even know what a Seiko is let alone the differences between kinetic,spring drive, or solar let alone automatic, hacking, or non hacking lol. No disrespect for the ladies...I've met them...The watch works fine when in the well lit display case, it was only when I put it away the problem showed up. They were more than happy to issue a full refund, and still are. Either way Seiko has replaced the charge capacitor no charge under warranty and the watch seems to be doing fine. But I will certainly be reading
  4. My new Seiko Prospex PADI Solar. Could not believe it was at the local Hudson's Bay Department store on sale for 40% off. They usually just keep dress watches. Love the blue dial and bezel with the red highlights. Unfortunately It would not hold a charge and back to Seiko it went. But now it's back and looking sharp on a blue black silicone strap. Now if only I knew how to scuba dive... Ron
  5. Thanks as well, my bad for not searching a little better...The Weishi 1900 looks to be the ticket Ron
  6. Good question...inquiring minds want to know. I am looking to ask the same question. The wife needs Xmas present ideas. Ron
  7. Thank you Lawson for a well written and concise tutorial. my Victorinox Dive Master 500 thanks you as well. great photography as well. I had changed the battery in my watch and much to my dismay it started to lose time at an alarming rate. Since the watch was well worth the purchase of a new movement it did just that. And after reading your excellent write up I decided there was nothing to lose by doing a complete service on my old movement since I had a replacement on hand if things went south...my movement was the gold plated five jewel version and other than that it was the same thing. It
  8. Bit late in posting as busy with work and holidays. The Waltham arrived in a less than working condition. A broken balance staff a broken upper balance jewel and a diamond endstone cock eyed in the setting, all because of the sellers inadequate packing. Shipped in a tin with only a bit of tissue on the bottom. This from a reputable seller on the bay. Methinks a bit of sellers remorse as i got it for way less than the going rate on these movements.I was offered a full refund which i turned down as the movement is still worth the price.Just a shame to see a movement damaged out of spite...
  9. Got another Waltham Vangaurd movement coming. When will the madness end. Gold settings and diamond end stones sooo hard to resist. Have a few nice cases looking for movements... Still need to find a side wider for my hunter case though....Ron
  10. Good topic... I think mine has to be the first tool I ever bought for the hobby, the ever present on ebay cheap Indian screwdriver set. Here is me trying to be a serious watch repair person with my loupe in place and my new screwdriver poised above the movement...then the tip falls out into the movement...the horror, the horror...well after I got over the initial shock I started laughing so hard the wife came in to see what was so funny in the world of watch repair. I am a mechanic by trade and know the value of quality tools. Why I ever bought them is still a mystery to me.
  11. Mine finally arrived on Xmas eve. Almost two months...must have rowed it across from England and stopped in Greenland for new oars. As others have said, very well written and easy to follow and understand. A bit above my technical level yet but that will come in time.Also managed to pick up Practical Watch Repairing by Donald de Carle. Another ripping good read...
  12. OMG this has to be the saddest Christmas tree thread I have ever participated in Oh well each to their own I guess I hope no one will be upset if I don't do it next year... Merry Christmas to those positive responses and all the best in the new year...
  13. Mine and the missus's tree All the best wishes to everyone at WRT Seems a bit light for presents though...perhaps Santa will remedy that
  14. Read the news on his site this evening. I guess health and age are catching up with Larry. Really a shame to lose an excellent resource for all things used in the watch world. Bought many an item from him over the last few years. Loved coming home after work and hanging out on his web page looking at the goldmine of stuff. If you didn't mind a little cleaning from time to time on the occasional item there was always a diamond to be found. He always had an excellent assortment of staking sets and individual stakes to round out ones own set. Was hoping a lathe would come by in the new year...
  15. Amen to that canthus I do have the cleanest floor in the house for the very reason as you stated. I have not had the need for a magnet yet all though it probably wouldn't hurt to have one on standby...My biggest reason for the apron is to protect things like the balance staff I bent from dropping it so many times on the floor. Those little buggers are getting expensive and buying a lathe and learning it's use are a ways down the road yet. Going to the trouble to learn how to change a staff and acquiring the tools to do so and truing the balance only to discover a bent pivot is indeed frustrat
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