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  1. Now that, is one very nice piece of kit.Love the Canadian connection as well A lathe is on my bucket list...just can't justify the expense yet... Ron
  2. After a years hiatus from my watch project(renovated house after tenants from hell) I find I have to put in my third balance staff. This is on my 1892 model Waltham pocket watch by the way... The second balance staff went well,except I kept dropping it on the floor and bent the pivot. My attempts to straighten were to no avail. So I have sourced another staff. The problem with this staff is the pivots are 13 size instead of the 11 they should be. I have a Seitz jeweling tool as well as a nice Jacot tool. So my question is, leave the pivots alone and put in new balance jewels or turn down the pivots with the Jacot tool. What is the accepted practice? My first attempts with the Jacot tool brought mixed results. I found my new pivot file/burnisher very quickly took the bent pivot from 11 size to a 9 very quickly. Waiting for my bench practices book to arrive... Ron
  3. 94marconi


    That is one butt ugly bird indeed... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder for sure...sadly there is not a lot to behold... Ron
  4. 94marconi

    Radon Hazards of Luminous Timepieces

    Radium like asbestos needs to be treated with respect, but both seem to garner a lot of fear mongering. I dabble in antique radio restoration and a lot of radios used asbestos cloth sheets for heat control. the subject of what to do comes up a lot.just like the subject of radioactive paint from days gone by. With asbestos as with the paint, if you leave it alone there is no risk. Only if you start cutting grinding or scraping will you release particles into the air. That is the hazard. With asbestos in radios just leave it alone. or if you feel strongly about it you can spray it with water remove it to a plastic bag seal the bag and be done with it. As clockboy states finger cots a dust mask and store in a sealed container and all is good. If you are not sure if the watch you are working on is radioactive and you do not wish to assume the risk, what little there is, while taking the proper precautions, then pass such work on to some one else. For me, i will probably never work on a radium watch. But if I do, at least I have a clear understanding of what I am up against and how to handle the situation to minimize the risk to myself and others around me. That is the beauty of forums like this with learned members, being informed goes a long way to being safe. Thanks for posting and the heads up... Ron
  5. 94marconi

    harbor freight calipers

    Up here in the great white north, Princess Auto is the Harbour Freight equivalent. I bought a cheap set with the plastic jaws. thought they would be good for measuring case lug openings and such without marking things up scratch wise. they were simply pathetic to say the least. I never expected to measure pivots with them of course, but the sad little things couldn't measure a lug opening with any sort of repeatability rduckwor is right, money gets you quality. I have a bench mic and digital calipers and a hand mic that are accurate to a hundredth of a mm all day long. But they cost me a hundred dollars each. Nothing worse than having three different measurements for one pivot. You might as well guess at that point. Ron
  6. Also thanks for the heads up Tmuir. Ordered mine from Amazon as well. Let the waiting begin...
  7. 94marconi

    First Lathe Project

    Certainly a good effort for a first attempt. I can only imagine my first attempt turning to those tolerances. I was how ever, casting more than a few admiring glances in the direction of your lovely JKA Feintaster...a very nice piece indeed. To bad the cost of one is so high. Definitely on my wish list. Ron
  8. 94marconi

    Pigs ears, shims, or pivot shortening...

    Luckily mine were on the balance cock and not the main plate. I used a fine flat file and had no issues at all. My mating surfaces were not finished so a light touch up with some sandpaper to remove the file marks was all that was needed. Ron
  9. 94marconi

    Tweezers advice?

    Love my Dumont carbon No.1s but the **BLEEP** things are sooo magnetised. I have half the **BLEEP** watch hanging off of them. I really must get a demagnetizer.... My stainless Supras are nice though...nice and light. Really must get a set of brass ones though. Have a set of Dumont No, 5 in stainless but have not used them yet so can't comment on them. Why in the heck can't we say c.o.u.r.s.e.??? or b.l.o.o.d.y.... Ron
  10. 94marconi

    second hand face is detached

    I would be more inclined towards the epoxy myself although the gel types of cyanoacrylate super glues are tempting to use for their convenience. Another concern I have heard of using modern glues is the aspect of off gassing contaminating the parts inside the watch...where are our dial experts when one needs them... Ron
  11. 94marconi

    Pigs ears, shims, or pivot shortening...

    Very informative indeed JohnR725. It is all to easy to develop tunnel vision when focusing on a single problem and lose sight of the rest of the component interaction. This I should know as a mechanic. The balance staff and balance assembly was the starting point of the project and of course getting that right was my main focus. But I see that a little foresight would serve me well going forward...That being said, it looks like the shimming experiment is a success for now at least, until the new staff is installed.I think I will continue with the truing and poising of the balance with the current staff just in case there are any issues practice wise... Thanks again for all the insight JohnR725 and szbalogh Ron
  12. Nicely done JC. Was wondering how you were going to pull it off. Ron
  13. 94marconi

    second hand face is detached

    Bit of a sticky wicket that one...It appears to be a single sunk porcelain dial from a pocket watch no? If it is, then the sub dial was soldered in place and then the dial was fired. To repair the dial can be re soldered but will the heat to do so crack or discolour the porcelain? A better option would be to use a high quality two part clear epoxy. All of this would depend on the value of the dial be it monetary or sentimental...If the dial is indeed porcelain, then the line edge would need to be addressed and sealed on the face side as well to prevent hairlines from forming. The one thing going for you is the fact it is such a clean break. Wonder how the damage happened? Hopefully some one with dial experience will chime in...curious myself as to the best way to proceed. Ron
  14. 94marconi

    Pigs ears, shims, or pivot shortening...

    Good point on averaging the foil thickness. I will cut off a piece of the feeler gauge as that measures accurately. Will then repeat the tests. Things look pretty good so far. The balance wheel is pretty bent up and very out of balance. That will be dealt with after the replacement staff is installed and the end shake rechecked. Ron
  15. 94marconi

    Pigs ears, shims, or pivot shortening...

    Well upon further experimentation I now have the shim down to .04mm or 1.5 thou.and have end shake. I can see and hear the balance staff play when I shake it side to side and move it up and down. I now have the balance spinning free for a minute dial up and dial down. Not sure why the shim size changed...redid the shims several times and it seems to be constant. How much end shake is a guess as i have no way of measuring beyond an educated guess. Ron