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  1. Got another Waltham Vangaurd movement coming. When will the madness end. Gold settings and diamond end stones sooo hard to resist. Have a few nice cases looking for movements... Still need to find a side wider for my hunter case though....Ron
  2. Good topic... I think mine has to be the first tool I ever bought for the hobby, the ever present on ebay cheap Indian screwdriver set. Here is me trying to be a serious watch repair person with my loupe in place and my new screwdriver poised above the movement...then the tip falls out into the movement...the horror, the horror...well after I got over the initial shock I started laughing so hard the wife came in to see what was so funny in the world of watch repair. I am a mechanic by trade and know the value of quality tools. Why I ever bought them is still a mystery to me. The cheap brass set screw would not stay tight for love nor money and finally stripped out all together. No matter what one did, every time I picked one up the tip would fall out. I also deal with a lot of Chinese assembly instructions. The good ones are kept in a folder for when I'm feeling down and need a pick me up.
  3. Mine finally arrived on Xmas eve. Almost two months...must have rowed it across from England and stopped in Greenland for new oars. As others have said, very well written and easy to follow and understand. A bit above my technical level yet but that will come in time.Also managed to pick up Practical Watch Repairing by Donald de Carle. Another ripping good read...
  4. OMG this has to be the saddest Christmas tree thread I have ever participated in Oh well each to their own I guess I hope no one will be upset if I don't do it next year... Merry Christmas to those positive responses and all the best in the new year...
  5. Mine and the missus's tree All the best wishes to everyone at WRT Seems a bit light for presents though...perhaps Santa will remedy that
  6. Read the news on his site this evening. I guess health and age are catching up with Larry. Really a shame to lose an excellent resource for all things used in the watch world. Bought many an item from him over the last few years. Loved coming home after work and hanging out on his web page looking at the goldmine of stuff. If you didn't mind a little cleaning from time to time on the occasional item there was always a diamond to be found. He always had an excellent assortment of staking sets and individual stakes to round out ones own set. Was hoping a lathe would come by in the new year... It was a pleasure doing business with him and I wish him all the best in his much deserved retirement. Ron
  7. Amen to that canthus I do have the cleanest floor in the house for the very reason as you stated. I have not had the need for a magnet yet all though it probably wouldn't hurt to have one on standby...My biggest reason for the apron is to protect things like the balance staff I bent from dropping it so many times on the floor. Those little buggers are getting expensive and buying a lathe and learning it's use are a ways down the road yet. Going to the trouble to learn how to change a staff and acquiring the tools to do so and truing the balance only to discover a bent pivot is indeed frustrating to say the least. Learning to use the Jacot tool is just asking for dropped balances Good to hear other solutions as well as other techniques to the parts on the floor dilemma that plague us all Ron
  8. Luck is only good for things that fall straight down that is true... things that fly know no limits. On my knees with a flashlight is still a big part of the game lol The apron sure helps with the bigger stuff that gets bent when dropped to many times... Ron
  9. Good idea as well. My biggest problem at the bench is my tendency to bring the part to the eye rather than the eye to the part. Finding a chair that goes low enough for the desk is an issue as well. Would like a nice watchmakers bench but would have to give up the roll top desk and I can't do that... Finally remembered the photo insertion procedure Ron
  10. The lowly kitchen apron to the rescue. After having spent way to much time on the floor looking for parts and finally bending the pivot on a newly installed balance staff it was time for a solution. Pip to the rescue with his recommended Jacot video by Richard Edwards. While the video was certainly informative on the use of the Jacot tool, it was his use of the apron that caught my eye. Pure genius I thought and raced off to the nearest craft store for a plain white apron with no pockets. After I endured the smiles and jokes from the wife it was time to try it out. Brilliant is all i can say. It simply clips to the underside of the desk with spring clamps and slips over the neck no problem. Easy as pie. I dropped parts all night and not one hit the floor. It is easy to remove and I just leave it clipped to the desk if I have to leave for a bit. Probably old news to most of you but hopefully it will keep someone else off the floor and at the bench. picture not uploading for some reason... Ron
  11. Sigh...Been three weeks now, Right in the middle of a Canada post strike. Worst time of the year to order stuff is the two months leading up to Christmas and throw in a postal strike on top of it.I should have waited but did not want to miss out if there was limited copies available. Guess i'll go back to pacing circles in front of the mail box... Ron
  12. Now that, is one very nice piece of kit.Love the Canadian connection as well A lathe is on my bucket list...just can't justify the expense yet... Ron
  13. After a years hiatus from my watch project(renovated house after tenants from hell) I find I have to put in my third balance staff. This is on my 1892 model Waltham pocket watch by the way... The second balance staff went well,except I kept dropping it on the floor and bent the pivot. My attempts to straighten were to no avail. So I have sourced another staff. The problem with this staff is the pivots are 13 size instead of the 11 they should be. I have a Seitz jeweling tool as well as a nice Jacot tool. So my question is, leave the pivots alone and put in new balance jewels or turn down the pivots with the Jacot tool. What is the accepted practice? My first attempts with the Jacot tool brought mixed results. I found my new pivot file/burnisher very quickly took the bent pivot from 11 size to a 9 very quickly. Waiting for my bench practices book to arrive... Ron
  14. That is one butt ugly bird indeed... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder for sure...sadly there is not a lot to behold... Ron
  15. Radium like asbestos needs to be treated with respect, but both seem to garner a lot of fear mongering. I dabble in antique radio restoration and a lot of radios used asbestos cloth sheets for heat control. the subject of what to do comes up a lot.just like the subject of radioactive paint from days gone by. With asbestos as with the paint, if you leave it alone there is no risk. Only if you start cutting grinding or scraping will you release particles into the air. That is the hazard. With asbestos in radios just leave it alone. or if you feel strongly about it you can spray it with water remove it to a plastic bag seal the bag and be done with it. As clockboy states finger cots a dust mask and store in a sealed container and all is good. If you are not sure if the watch you are working on is radioactive and you do not wish to assume the risk, what little there is, while taking the proper precautions, then pass such work on to some one else. For me, i will probably never work on a radium watch. But if I do, at least I have a clear understanding of what I am up against and how to handle the situation to minimize the risk to myself and others around me. That is the beauty of forums like this with learned members, being informed goes a long way to being safe. Thanks for posting and the heads up... Ron
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