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  1. You can find some for the 2542 on eBay. Just search for it and you will find them.
  2. so here it is, the Omega Tool 107... The crystal has a groove the tool grabs under, then it compresses the crystal and pulls it out of the case. Here you can see the monocoque / one piece case design: I was happy to see that the movement is absolutely flawless. The case already looked quite good, but the movement really is the icing on the cake.
  3. Bought the tool, I will post some pictures when it arrived. Thanks for all the answers.
  4. Caliber 920, ranfft lists it with a diameter of 27mm. I‘m really sure there is no way to open it from the back.
  5. Thanks for the link, I already came across the same one I found this tool for sale but over 70€ for something that I will probalby use one time is quite a lot. At least for me. In the article it is said, that you could also use a crystal lift, but as I understood from @jdm it shouldn't be used with this type of crystal (armored crystal) because it is not compressible like regular acrylic crystals are. So should I try to use the crystal lift to remove it or not? The crystal is original, so I really don't want to crack it.
  6. Actually it says tool 107, but I wanted to check if there is a way to open it, without spending a lot of money on a tool that you will only use for this particular watch.
  7. The case is similar to the Omega Dynamic. It doesn't have a caseback, instead a ring that holds the bracelet in place.
  8. Well the one I am talking about is still available. I will send you a private message with the link. Maybe it could be actually a bit cheaper than having it done by Tag Heuer themselves.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Is there any difference between the crystal wrench you are mentioning and a crystal lift?
  10. I think you will have a hard time finding parts for this movement. Yes it is based on the Seiko 6S37 but I doubt that parts are interchangable. My usual sites to buy watch parts don't list Tag Heuer parts. On eBay there is a complete 1887 for sale, but for the price you probably can have it repaired by Tag Heuer.
  11. Hi guys, i just bought this Omega Chronostop and I‘m not quite sure how to get out the movement. I know that it is a front loader, so normally you could pull out the crown (split stem) and pop out the crystal with air pressure. Problems: 1. because of the case-shape I can’t use a modified presto tool, like Mark suggested in his video and I can’t remove the crown by hand only. 2. if I can remove the crown, how can I seal the chrono-pusher, so I get enough pressure to pop out the crystal? Will Rodico do the job? Thanks!
  12. @DavidADavwhat a shame, I wish you good luck on the hunt
  13. @canthusI am, first service of a chronograph, first case restoration, quite a big step for me and I’m really happy that everything went so well. I expected to have some issues here and there, as it is normal when you try something new, but nothing
  14. So here is the finished result, I‘m really happy how it came out: apart from the uncle Seiko bracelet it is completely original. At the moment it doesn’t have the original crown installed, but I already acquired an original one that just needs to be swapped in.
  15. Yesterday I started to work on the case. First some pictures from before: I started with a grid 100 file and that got out most of the deep scratches and dents. I used some water while filing so the removed metal doesn’t settle into the files too much. after that I moved all the way up to grid 12000 and this is how the case looks now: On the top surface I didn’t went up to 12000, because it will be brushed in the end anyway. I think this already is a remarkable improvement. Getting to this point already took me hours. next step will be to polish the
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