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  1. Unfortunately I do not have the skill yet to create my own lid. I decided to clean everything up and to hope for the best with a 60 year old main spring. Surprisingly the amplitude is not terrible! For now I think I'll leave it be and try to look for a replacement.
  2. Hello, I just started in on my next project which is a zodiac aerospace gmt. When disassembling the movement (zodiac caliber 75) I saw that the barrel says "do no open" on it. Has anyone had any luck attempting to service one of these barrels? The mainspring definitely needs some work but I don't want to risk damaging anything without being able to source a part. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hello from the states! I've recently gotten into the hobby of watch repair. My father and I started to collect watches about two years ago and when the first few stopped on us, rather than taking them in for a service we decided that we should try to do it ourselves. We purchased Mark's tutorials, started sourcing tools and now I've serviced and repaired a handful of movements. I'll be back for more advice soon!
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