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  1. I’ve had this pocket watch movement for years and finally gained the muster to strip and clean it. Turned out relatively well but now to regulate it, I have a cheap phone Timegrapher app that says +76s with a beat error of 3.1. The only lift angle info I could find was 44 but nothing definite. I’d love to regulate it myself so if you guys have some tips please share. I’m not adverse to taking it in but probably won’t be able to until winter
  2. Thanks for your insight, it looks like it’s going to have to stay manual wind because the rotor screw shot off into the abyss. This is my first foray into watchmaking whatsoever so mistakes were made and learned from. Cheers
  3. I was more curious as to the overall function of the auto mechanism on the watch and if it’s ratios would effect the running, thanks! I took off the reduction wheel because I noticed the ratchet wasn’t meshing in a certain position when turned and it looked like it was raising up. on the underside it looks like it was torqued and there is a burr that formed, I will try to take a picture but I don’t have the best phone or macro equipment.
  4. Well I got it to loosen up following your advice but it is still a lot stickier, and I noticed while winding it the rotor was under tension while doing so. Looks like a keyless works problem to me? And excuse my ignorance for this question but is there any harm in just pulling the auto bridge off completely and running it hand wind?
  5. They are still selling and have shifted towards providing movements to others in the downsizing. I bought the Adventic GMT cal 3914A on a whim at a huge discount and actually love it. I was curious if anyone here has tore one down and their thoughts on the modules https://www.ablogtowatch.com/movement-hands-series-episode-3-revolutionary-eterna-caliber-39/
  6. Yeah so I know Eterna has gone and been bought by a Chinese holding a few years back, but what are the more experienced members thoughts on the Calibre 39 movement and it’s chops? I did some reading after buying a GMT of theirs and found it quite interesting with 88 different modules and really like its action after the sandy hand winding of the base 2824s I’ve had in the past. Thoughts?
  7. Alright ladies and gents, first post here but I plan on sticking around a lot more as this is the first problem (of many more to come I'm sure) I've ran into when fiddling around with a movement. I opened a 2824 and took off the rotor, auto mechanism and the first wheel to more or less practice on and mess around. After reassembly it winds freely, but now the hand wind feels like it's jammed in the first position. Turning it backwards, it clicks but clockwise it is stuck. I took it back apart and removed the bridge again along with the click, put it back together and same problem. With the auto bridge off it hand wound fine (actually a lot smoother than normal) but once the bridge and rotor goes on, I can barely turn the crown in the first position. All other functions are fine. Is it a meshing problem?
  8. Hi everyone from New York - I've been collecting primarily German pieces for a while now and decided to start cracking into the backs of these things and meddling around. I look forward to learning a lot more in the ways of watchmaking and interacting with you all.
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