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  1. Thanks to you all, I decided to use a barrel from another movement, this time cleaning thoroughly by hand and have managed to wind the mainspring back in by hand... I now have the barrel reassembled complete.
  2. This is my first ever attempt at servicing a movement, I bought a really cheap job lot of 4 watches with this same movement. I have a Raketa 2609 disassembled right now, I have cleaned everything in an ultrasonic using a 3-stage process of Essence of Renata, IPA, then more IPA. I did not put the pallet fork or balance in the IPA stages. Things look okay but looking back I think I should have targeted some of the grimier parts with some physical effort prior to cleaning, but I will deal with these in due course. Right now I am looking at reassembling the barrel, this was one part which came out still with oil on it after cleaning, much of which I have scraped off with pegwood. The barrel lid however looks like this - I seem to have removed a fair amount of some kind of plating on the inside, revealing brass. There is also some unmovable tarnishing of some sort still on there. My intuition is telling me this is very bad news and trying to use this would be a waste of time. This flaking of the plating seems to have occurred or at least exacerbated by the ultrasonic cleaning process. I would appreciate any wisdom about this part, where I have gone wrong potentially, and whether there is any possibility of salvaging a part that is in this condition... I'm sure I could keep poking at it and remove all of the plating ultimately, but presumably I'd need to remove it from both sides of the barrel lid (the other side is currently intact) and end up with a bare brass part, because otherwise there would always be an edge where the plating starts and that could flake off inside the running movement if left.
  3. Makes sense, thank you. I guess what I'm trying to ask is will I be able to use this set for Seiko mainsprings, I presume the answer is yes if there are winders which are suitably sized and I do the reversing thing?
  4. Excuse my ignorance but I've been looking at these Chinese sets but the thing putting me off is not knowing whether they can do both left hand and right hand winding? Please excuse me if I'm asking a ridiculous question. Sent from my Mi 9T Pro using Tapatalk
  5. I have a Sinn alarm clock as below. This is a clock for the visually impaired and has raised bumps on all of the numbers (with double bumps for 12, 3, 6, 9) plus particular hands to help someone tell the time with their fingers. The clock runs if you wind it, but it needs winding regularly. Someone has at some point before it coming into my possession adjusted the timing thingy on the back to be at full negative, so I presume it was running fast for them. As I don't actually use this clock I have not really tested out the timekeeping. Alarm function works well. I was thinking of having a go at servicing it. I have various tools, but what I do not understand is what oil/s I will need... As this is my first any maybe only clock any advice on what I'd need to do a reasonable job on this would be appreciated.
  6. Have you tried pulling the crown out for 30 seconds? Sent from my Mi 9T Pro using Tapatalk
  7. The depreciation on breitling is the worst of the worst, the inner sensible adult in me would find it difficult to commit to the brand because of this personally. But sometimes we think with the heart on these matters. Sent from my Mi 9T Pro using Tapatalk
  8. Thank you all, this is all really helpful advice and food for thought.
  9. Hello there, I'm from the UK, Preston in Lancashire. Due to coronavirus and various changes in my industry and life over the last year or so (I was a 3D animator and CGI type person, working freelance), my career looks like it is over and I am considering retraining into watchmaking as I have been a minor tinkerer (modifications to Seikos mostly) for quite a few years, and have been a bit of a watch obsessive for most of my life. I'm a handy person, good at crafts and DIY, electronics, etc., and I'm hoping to pick this up over the next 12 months or so and then offer servicing to paying customers... I don't know if I'm being naive here? All the same I need something to focus on in the interim as the current state of the world isn't the best for my mental health. I'm starting from zero, no real watchmaking tools except some cheap Chinese bits and pieces I've used for mods, budget of about £500 to get some starter tools (was hoping I'd be able to get some decent stuff from the start, at least for the most regularly used bits), and, well, apart from that, get practising and learning. I was planning to pay for Mark's full course and get on with it. If anyone has any buying advice for watches/movements to start practising on it would be appreciated, I can obviously check out charity shops and eBay, but I wondered if it's worth picking up any of the Aliexpress automatic watches of questionable quality to strip down, clean and rebuild? Really don't know where to start with it. Anyway, hope everyone is safe and well, take care.
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