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  1. Give it a service, new crystal, light polish and a careful clean of the dial and iwill look a million dollars. You could always have it repainted?. I like it a lot.
  2. Totally agree with Ishima
  3. is it mechanical or quartz?
  4. Jdm, if you can turn the hand over and slightly crimp the tube it should create enough resistance to hold the hand in place. Tweezers are adequate
  5. didn't mark do a video on a Rolex service?
  6. Hi Paul, that's no good to hear and suspect the authorised dealer won't praise any of your work....the only suggestion I have is that the hole diameter has slightly increased and may need crimping down. I've recently started collecting Omegas with the 1010-30 movements , they have a small clip which holds the seconds hand stem in place, when fitting the seconds hand it needs to be supported from underneath or its dislodges the stem. The stem diameter is .15mm on this particular model and have slightly crimped the underside of the hand before fitting as they can fall off. Not convinced at all t
  7. That tear down made me so anxious ..just knew that date wheel was destined for a scratch!...
  8. Had a similar issue with a 1020, it was the hairspring slightly touching on the first coil.
  9. Think the early diss from Clockboy was abit harsh!' Not exactly constructive and what you'd expect from this forum, however the apologies are filtering through . Fair play to you for producing a watch that you wanted.
  10. Not my cup of tea but looks genuine to me.
  11. It wasn't meant that way at all Mark. By starting this forum you probably became the most approachable and accessible watch repairer on the net to the average Joe. Apologies for any offense.
  12. I was Geo. Maybe starting the forum has had more impact on Marks business than he expected!.
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