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  1. i needed to open up my patek 3919. it was a little tricky. here are some tips i had to learn the hard way, hopefully save someone some time next time. 1) 3919 is a 2 piece case, you end up having to separate the bezel and glass from the case to open, which is unlike other pateks i've opened up, i used the horotec case crab to seperate bezel/glass from bottom case 2) movement comes out the topside after bezel comes out, but here's the funky part that novice like me didn't know 3) this particular patek model has a split stem. you have to just pull the stem out before the movement can come out the front. like pull hard enough that you think you might break something hard, a bit scary for a novice like me. its interesting that other pateks with the 215 movement don't have this stem which seems to only go with the 3919 case. i've included some pics.
  2. so it looks like i don't need the 423 core part, but only the part that has the teeth, which i hope is part 421 since thats what i'm trying to get quotes for. here is the link for the patek video
  3. here is a better picture of the part, its labeled 4 in the side window
  4. sorry meant to say the ebay part doesn't quite match my part. mine has a round nub in the center like the picture shows, not a square. though i am now wondering if the square part can be rounded off..... guess i'm still better off trying to get the right part if i can.
  5. i've removed all the fragments. i also saw the part on ebay, but thats for the crown wheel on top of bridge. i need the part that is under the bridge that the crown wheel screws into.
  6. i recently broke my patek 5134 by winding a little too vigorously. heard a click sound and can no longer wind the watch. it has a 215 PS movement after dissasembly, i see that the "under" wheel that the crown wheel is attached to (located under the barrel bridge) has a couple of broken teeth. the wheel has 3 screw holes and a nub in the middle for the crown wheel to attach to. from my searches on the internet, it appears this part is #421, but i am not sure, wondering if anyone can confirm correct part number or has any ideas where to procure part. i will attach a picture showing the part, its the silver part under the highlighted bushing with 3 holes in it.
  7. Just joined forum. was inspired to join by my growing collection of non-functioning watches, and spurred on by the desire to fix them to give to my kids as graduation and other presents. Have been watching Mark's videos on youtube, and trying tearing apart a few fake rolexes, mangling the hairsprings, etc to realize how hard this art is. I have a question for those that have taken Mark's online course. What does the course offer that you cannot get from watching his youtube vids, and are there any recommendations for courses for beginners. figured its as good a time as any to learn a new life skill while stuck in place. look forward to spending lots more time with you guys. stony
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