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  1. Landeron 48 cases

    My personal experience: I have been looking for a Landeron case for months, if not a couple of years, and only ran across a couple, that I immediately bought no matter the price and shipping cost. They are rare, so I didn't want to loose the chance to complee a couple of projects I had aside. Which btw are still under development... This one in particular is almost complete: I am only missing the proper set of hands... The movement is a completely restored Landeron 248.
  2. Watch of Today

    Been wearing this Seio 709-5010 that I fully restored....
  3. Seiko 7T32 main plate repair

    @systeman, that is a very nice fix, I had thought about doing something similar on all the 7t32/34/36 I have with similar issue, but never had the courage to do it actually. Might do it now that I saw your post, though. Could help me in repairing these watches in the future as well. @Rob3rto: thanks for posting my video
  4. Landeron 48 oiling

    Hi matabog, I usually don't since the manual does state that they "should move freely". If you put oil their movement could be in some very light way hindered, I think.
  5. Landeron 248 disassembly videos

    Great explanation but not my case. I installed a good barrel assembly and it didn't slip so definitively the issue is with the barrel/arbor
  6. My Grandfather's Pierce Tri-Calendar w/moon phase

    What a beautiful time piece! Cherish it well, there are not so many around anymore in such condition!
  7. Landeron 248 disassembly videos

    Actually no,the issue is that the mainspring slips on the arbor, so i am not so sure the new mainspring will suffice, probably will need to replace the entire barrel assembly including the mainspring... At the moment I do not have time to work on this movement unfortunately, so it will have to wait.
  8. Landeron 248 disassembly videos

    Sorry for late reply, life got in the way... Yes the main spring was slipping so I need to source another MS.
  9. George, just wanted to say thanks for the 7T32/42 teardown/assembly videos you have on YouTube. First time I have ever totally disassembled any movement and got a 7T32 stripped and reassembled and all complications now working. Prior to the work, the minute hand was intermittent and the date wouldn't change. Had to replace a stripped hour wheel and a worn calendar advance wheel but that fixed it. Only issue is I can't get the hour hand seated properly down on the new wheel, but almost there! Again, thanks for doing the legwork with the videos; following the crappy technical guide images would have been infinitely more challenging. Cheers, John Hendry,

    1. GeorgeClarkson


      Hi Johnny, glad my videos were of any help to you. Check if the hour wheel sits properly, and if it is the correct one. Parts from similar movements like the 7t34 or 36 look the same but are different actually. Learnt the hard way...

  10. Poljot 31659 Chronograph service.

    Excellent walkthrough!!! Great job Roland!
  11. New LED ring for digital camera

    Some more pics... It is hard to picture the domed crystals, but also any crystal for that matter.
  12. Cheap German wall clock repaired

    Thanks oldhippy. The cuckoo is plastic... so guess this is a quite modern clock. As per the information, I will look it up, someday... Suffice to say the clock is working now, so I am satisfied with my work.
  13. So yesterday I fixed an LED ring light and today I tested it on a Poljot 3133 movement I got for spares...comments on the results?
  14. Cheap German wall clock repaired

    Pics of the inscriptions on the movement, withe the manufacturers name, model and probably the patent numbers (?)