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  1. many eyes make for transparent problems. I think most of the times I've posted here it turns out to be something simple I've overlooked, or the answer was (would have been) easy to find one I knew the proper terminology. When I don't have my own questions I come on here just to find problems to answer so I can feel clever, or get some more experience in the process. I thought that was a "Mark Lovick" brand mystery dial
  2. Press-fit a pendant tube in that hole, there's a special tool for this. That's going to leave you with a pendant tube OD of 2.5mm. The crown fits over this to form a waterproof with a rubber seal inside the body of the crown. You have chosen 5.0mm crown diameter, you still need to know the tap size (metric diameter of the threads on the winding stem, commonly 0.9 but also other sizes). Those 3 numbers, plus the finish (stainless, gold, etc) and the type (waterproof, swiss style, domed, etc ) will find you a crown. Older, cheaper, non-waterproof watches just have a hole with no pendant tub
  3. Well I may have spoken too soon, that's a very large crown. This one looks good for your watch, except that it's 2mm smaller than your old crown, and doesn't have the outer flange so it will sit above that pedestal. If you can live with that, prob your best bet. 8 x Ø6.00mm x 2.00, SS C43456 £2.65 (CousinsUK) I didn't see anything more suitable on Esslinger. If I'm looking at that correctly, the indent on the long crown tube is where a 2nd o-ring (double o-ring) would fit. You can get o-rings that size, if you do manage to alum out the broken stem. Your old one do
  4. Yeah, that's what I was thinking, that I'm in for a custom fitting. I'm usually dealing with round hi-dome crystals and similar, so there's almost always the right size available. In this case there's nothing really close (within 1mm), and since it's a dome (with sides, like a hi-dome acrylic, but bale shape), filing it more than 1mm will reduce it to a flat, arced section (no sides) . I'll have to check if it has clearance for the hands, then I can just pick a flat, double-arc acrylic and cut it to size. Has anyone every heated acrylics to increase/decrease the arc radius (or slumpi
  5. I usually look directly at the GS and Sternkreuz catalogs, I hadn't seen the BB "catalog", thank you for that link. The document says "supplement", is there an actual main BB catalog? This document is insane, it's scanned crooked, and it has pages of crystals identified by code with no measurements or other information. OK, Ofrei has BB catalogs for sale ($5), is this a real company or a historical catalog of a company that no longer exists? It looks from these images that BB and Stella are the same catalog. I'm not too hopeful they'll have a match, now I'm just interested. Does any
  6. I've searched in GS and Sternkreuz with no luck for this crystal. The old one is very crazed. 28.5mmx25.8mm, I haven't taken the specific radius of the sides or the corners By Sternkreuz reconing it's Bale shape BX, 4 sides domed, closest I can get there is the BR 285 series: BR 285X215X285X215 BXR 285X235X250X200 B 285X240X265X210 BR 285X245X245X195 BR 285X250X205X175 BX 285X255X285X255 BZ 285X260X215X160 BR 285X260X220X135 Platine BR 285X265X150X110 B 285X275X195X175 BR 286X230X261X210 Talon BR 287X250X262X217 But none of these really look like a wi
  7. Can you speculate or suggest technique to get radial brushing on casebacks or dials, where the radial center is visible and comes together as a point?
  8. Relevant to choosing another size, these are generalities: the mainspring barrel size (last number, 9mm ) is the size that the new mainspring is packaged. You press it into your barrel. Must be equal or smaller than the ID of the barrel you are fitting a mainspring into. Smaller is OK, it will expand to fill the barrel when inserted. Length (3rd number, 300 mm) should be close to the number specified. Shorter is OK, probably just a little longer is OK also. Corresponds to the power reserve, how many hours the watch will run on a full wind. Thickness/Strength (.10mm) is the thick
  9. As you noticed on that tired mainspring, it should have an "S" shape. This one at Cousins will do the job, it's a little shorter than what's listed on Ranfft but that won't make much of a difference 1.45 x 0.10 x 300 x 9 Non-Automatic GR3953 If you get another FHF175 donor movement it might have a similar old mainspring, and you'd need a mainspring winder to put in into your barrel unless you just swapped the whole barrel over, unserviced. As you've probably seen, the new ones come in a package so you don't need a winder. New spring is much cheaper than a winder, until you'
  10. Great project, great thread, thanks for sharing. Don't get to read enough deep-dive quartz & digital watch repairs. @gkmaia, for all your efforts, you might consider swapping a sapphire crystal for your mineral crystal. The 27x2mm are only like £14.70 at cousins, although you'd probably want to make sure you had the size right first. Wondering if there was no replacement board, would you consider going as far as to redesign a replacement pcb and program a MCU to suit?
  11. Stem extender and a new crown. $3. You're not going to diminish the dollar value of this watch with a replacement crown, and you'll significantly increase it's utility. Alternatively, for the cost of that quoted repair you can buy a donor watch or 2 just for the crown and stem and junk the rest. It looked to me like you should still be able to get a pin vice on the remainder of that stem anyway, maybe I'm reading the photo wrong. Or try the alum trick. Lotsa nice crowns available. .8mm thread size, also measure the crown diameter and the diameter of the pendant tube.
  12. Ranfft has an OK advanced search feature, but it's very manual and leaves a lot to be desired. With a bit of practice, it'll give you a good list of candidates which will include your answer or at least a similar movement from the same design, if it's in his database. You can limit your search based on the bridge layout details and some features. You can't, for example, limit your search by size or by approximate year even though this info is in the db. Sometimes this can be an advantage, if for example you've got an unspecified model that is based on an earlier or different sized design. It
  13. @Klassiker the AM220 is a good start, there's hints of this escape wheel cock and bridge shapes in the other larger AM movements on Ranfft as well
  14. @TudorI was hoping to avoid buying the tap for this. Is chasing the threads a good idea or a "will fail if you don't" situation?
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