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  1. Its been on the back burner for a while but now finished: ..oops, that was the before pic I forgot about (Nurse get my pills). Here's how we're looking now: I managed to fashion a bow from 3mm sterling silver wire supplied by Cooksongold.com, very good suppliers of findings, bullion, gemstones etc. Big thanks to: Clockboy - for the hand, although I used a fettled chrono one in the end. Please PM your address & I will return it. Edmund - for the lead on the crystal- perfect. Geo - for the bleach tip. Its worked really well. The hole was filled with Bergeon 1590
  2. Thought I would give this a try today: aaarghh........... wrong pic I meant this:
  3. Just took the words right out of my keyboard. Its all about the blades.
  4. 7S26-0029 I presume? Very nice, reminiscent of the 6309 & 7002 divers. Seiko spoil you in the States, we are only allowed the 7S26-0020 with the standard circular markers in the UK.
  5. Got me thinking Autowind, I haven't worn the old Chinese 'Rolex' for a while think I'll dig it out for this evening. Cant do wrist shots as mine make Guy the Gorillas look bald.
  6. Its probably worth changing the mainspring as a matter of course. The poor power reserve is normally just down to dirt and old lube. If the watch is still having problems after cleaning, the self winding system is easily accessible with the movement still in the case.
  7. Last minute change, wore this instead: Seiko 418970 from 1964
  8. I bought the Boss one back in the dim & distant, still got it & it keeps going: not bad for a 29 years old girl (the watch that is, not the Boss)
  9. Think I will give the old Sportsmatic 15040 an airing tomorrow: better clean it up a & bung a strap on it that's better.
  10. Try manual winding by turning the screw arrowed clockwise a couple of turns, give it a shake. if nothing happens try gently swinging the balance with a bit of pegwood (a cocktail stick or similar will do) to see if its free.
  11. Thanks for the kind words all. Regarding the wood dye - there appear to be 3 main types, the old school turps/ white spirit based, water based & methylated spirit based (the one I used). I would have preferred to use the turps type as it probably would soak in more slowly, but was unable to find any. The Priory Slate Renovator was water based and didn't work well.
  12. Just a quick update. The clock originally looked like this after cleaning off the years of accumulated grime: After a fair bit of trial and error I used the following: 3 coats Liberon Ebony Spirit Woodstain, 2 coats Slate Oil, 1 coat Renaissance micro-crystalline wax (thanks for the tip CB), 2 coats Painters Touch Acrylic Gold paint (from Homebase) to detail, put on liberally with brush & scraped back with razor blade between coats. a final 2 coats Renaissance micro-crystalline wax. and this is what it look like now: My initial trials with oil worked well at first but
  13. Thanks for the tip Stefan, however I remember from my Airfix kit childhood that air bubbles posed a problem, but certainly worth a try.
  14. Thanks for the write up Stefan- excellent. I had a go a few weeks earlier on a couple of scrappers using Adobe InDesign nothing fancy mind. Unfortunately, I was unable to glue the paper on to the watch dial as it hasn't got a spacer. Sorry no before pic on the clock. The main thing I have tried to do is match the original as closely as possible, fonts are the biggest problem. Also the clock dial was originally silvered, still trying to find a suitable paper to match this. I have another scrapper to do & will try something a bit more creative next time.
  15. Have you replaced the old mainspring with a new one?
  16. Here's a list of things I stole from a site years ago: Watch not cleaned and oiled properly. Rusty hairspring. Hands rubbing together, hitting on face, or on the crystal. Stem not staying in or the watch was left in set mode. Loose cannon pinion pinion. Regulator set wrong. Bent wheel. Bent or dirty teeth on wheel or pinion. Damaged jewel. Worn bushings. Bent pivot. Out of beat. Hairspring not in regulator. Regulator pins to far apart. Balance arms bent out. Loose timing screws. Mainspring sticking. I would put my money on the mainspring, but then again when I put my money on anything I
  17. Thanks for the hand CB, arrived in the post yesterday. You are a true gent & scholar. The crystal turned up Edmund, the 61.5 is a drop in fit (just) so I will probably order a 61.6 to get a heat-shrink fit, as I always find gluing problematic.
  18. Thanks for that Edmund, it appears this seller has quite a range going up in 0.1 increments & the price is good too, have just ordered some.
  19. Thanks for the help Geo, I will give this a try over the weekend . Thanks for the kind offer Clockboy, have sent a PM
  20. Fixing up a friends silver Goliath pocket (big pockets) watch movement signed The Atlas Watch Co. The case & dial were in a bit of a state but have cleaned up nicely (note to self take a before pic in future), the movement is in fine fettle & will be serviced in due course. These are not an uncommon item on fleabay but there's very little info on the net, so I am unable to date it etc. So far I have discovered that the Atlas Watch Co. was registered by Stauffer, Son & Co. in 1892, they were generally used as travel watches & sat inside a silver or wooden case. The main
  21. No, its not mine. Its just an article I stumbled across.
  22. Same movement & same problem here: https://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=http://uhrforum.de/werkbestimmung-kennt-jemand-werk-oder-bildmarke-t98286&prev=search Unfortunately inconclusive but give a good pic of the logo.
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