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  1. Thanks for the input all. It will just have to wait for a part or the eventual lathe. Have seen some on fleabay obviously owned by this bloke: Failing that, Cousins do a nice cheap Bergeon one, a snip at only £22,995.00 (ex VAT & del).
  2. I have used a Chinese Bergeon clone (the £45 one) for the last couple of years and it works fine, costs a lot less & is probably built in the same factory as the official Bergeon one. As for the 4205, I fixed up one for the boss last year. After thorough cleaning & demagnetising the hairspring coils continued to stick, so I gave up and put in a new complete balance. It now running fine.
  3. Mainspring AOK, the pivot has a burr to one side & I would suspect this caused it to seize at some point, also it has has some rough repairs and handling in the past.
  4. Must of missed that post Geo & its the same movement. Excellent work by the way. Unfortunately I don't have a lathe.........yet.
  5. My dentist used to use one of those, but for some reason (sadism possibly?) has reverted back to the old bolster & chisel method.
  6. Have been fiddling around with this for a while: 90mm diameter nickel plated case. Note the hole to the top of the hour hand from a screw used to substitute a broken dial foot. Inside is a 59mm (26'''?) Landeron 8 day movement: The movement was patented by Amedee Douard in 1893 (see here:http://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/originalDocument?CC=CH&NR=7032&KC=&FT=E). It winds & runs well, but the pivot on the 2nd wheel attached to the cannon pinion (does the same job not sure if it's the correct term for this) has sheared so no power to the hands: and here's
  7. I use lighter fluid (naptha) on everything without problems. Alcohol is fine but keep it away balances & pallets as it will dissolve shellac.
  8. Try these: 6206A 26j Seikomatic Weekdater.pdf 6216A 39j Seikomatic Weekdater.pdf
  9. I would also suspect that the six digit on the movement is indeed the serial number and if the standard numbering system was in place then it should make it October 1963. Further reading regarding the teardown of similar: https://adventuresinamateurwatchfettling.wordpress.com/category/seiko/6218/ and also where all those jewels go: https://adventuresinamateurwatchfettling.wordpress.com/category/seiko/395/
  10. More info here: http://www.watch-wiki.net/index.php?title=Seiko_6200 Got yourself a real gem there.
  11. Great walkthrough JDM, but I tend to steer clear of IPA (particularly on the balance & pallet) and use lighter fluid instead.
  12. Its always worth a try (if you have the tools), if it doesn't work just get a replacement.
  13. I have one to do on an old Smiths. Found this how to:http://watchguy.co.uk/how-to-replace-a-broken-curb-pin/
  14. Only parts lists, I don't think they did service manuals back then. The 6105 is based on the 6106. Hope these help. Seiko 6106A.pdf Seiko 6105B.pdf
  15. Thanks for the kind words all. Quite agree Roberto, he gives an accurate description with good clear photos, a good source of restoration projects without the silly prices - no complaints from me.
  16. After a recent request from my eldest daughter for another mid size Seiko diver, I came across this item from Ramon aka thewatchcollector on fleabay: No bezel, 0050 caseback & not running but cheap & challenging, he's watches are just what I like. I have a bought a few from him in the past & they all scrub up well. Very mucky movement from a hard life in the Philippines: The chapter ring has been glued to the dial, the feet are detached, the four marker is loose, lume is grubby & the dial is marked: Manage to track down a bezel from speedtimerkollektion la
  17. Nice work frenchie. Like you I feel there is a fine dividing line between patina & scrap, so its worth having a go at cleaning. Examles of previous work (originally posted last year): Although the pic doesn't show it too well the dial was in a right state with varnish lifting, discolouration, water damage to edge etc. Took the plunge & dipped it in HG silver fast shine (Goddards silver dip is the same I believe). Most of the minute markers had lifted with the flaking varnish so the rest were removed. When dry sprayed with acrylic varnish. The result: Here's another
  18. Looks like a Forster 187, all parts at Cousins. More info here:http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Foerster_187
  19. Welcome Den. Have tried a couple but the problem is that the phone mikes are too sensitive picking up any background noise. Best to bite the bullet & buy a Timegrapher- excellent bit of kit.
  20. Cousins have them - Seiko part no. 310T11ANS0 (Sternkreuz XAC311.642)
  21. Nice one Joel! Quite agree CB. Mind you, some serious bunfights have broken out on other forums regarding the pros & cons AM parts, but what else can you do if the original parts are no longer available? Even Rupert Gould had to make 'AM parts' to restore Harrison's clocks back to working condition. The main point is - if you sell it make sure you are honest about the AM parts used (unlike some on fleabay).
  22. Merry Christmas to you all from cool & muddy Essex.
  23. The only way you will ever learn to do anything is by doing time & time again. Trust me, it gets easier & you will get results in the end. Just stick in there.
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