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  1. Seiko from this period tend to have similar if not the same No. as the model number on the dial, it would probably be something like 7009-60xx followed by 2 or 3 letters. The 7000 series movements normally have a plastic movement spacer, the dial feet push fit into this & are not screwed in. Not too sure but I would suspect that a dial from a 7006, 7019 or possibly a 7S26 would fit. Try fleabay or speedtimerkollektion.com.
  2. Had some good ones from Ramon over the years, a little slow posting but well worth the wait. He obviously knows some good Philippine fishermen who have given up catching fish & just go out & trawl for lost divers watches - a very lucrative trade.
  3. Thanks for the kind comments all. Jdm - timegrapher reading as requested: Taken dial down, there is a little variance on other positions & I will give it another look in a week or so once its bedded in. The original readings before service were: Rate +/-13 seconds, Amp 194, BE 1.2
  4. Picked this up recently for a snip from an excellent fleabayer in Japan: A fairly clean item from August 1968 with a good dial. Being a bit of a fan of Sportsmatics, I haven't come across this particular model before & wrongly thought at first that it had a cyclops crystal retro fitted. Further research showed this to be the original configuration, however the crystal was in fairly poor nick & appeared to have been polished a few times in the past. After some more detective work the part number was obtained & amazingly Cousins had one in stock: So far so good, alt
  5. A picture of the watch will help, as Bob says it may be the wrong caseback. Also what are the numbers on the dial?
  6. Answering the original post, it sounds like the same business model used by numerous Swiss brands...........
  7. Round mineral glass, Seiko part No. 310W17GN00 or Sternkreuz XMF 310.848.
  8. Double ended tool (not the Bergeon one) works fine for me. Used to use the hand press, but I find the double ender gives more control.
  9. 1. It will probably run slow. 2. Worn pivots or jewels. Cracked jewels. Dirt. Poor lubrication (too much or too little). Hairspring touching the balance cock. 3. Magnetised or dirty hairspring causing the coils to stick. Bent hairspring.
  10. This CEO of Swatch (pictured below) has just ordered some of his top henchmen to visit you with large sledgehammers:
  11. I have done this once in the past with a friends old pin lever: Firstly the dial was photographed & loaded into Adobe Indesign (this can be done on Adobe Illustrator or similar as well) & a new dial drawn using the photo as a template. This was then printed onto photo card, cut out accordingly & placed in the watch. Due to alignment issues I eventually printed it on white waterslide decal paper, clear is also available, but white was used to cover the marks on the old dial. It is the cut slightly oversize & placed on the existing dial . This looked fine although on ver
  12. If your'e in the UK try here: http://www.smallbattery.company.org.uk/sbc_mercury_catalogue.htm?392,various%20manufacturers,325 have used them for a few years now. Excellent service.
  13. Marc - they do come up fairly regularly some at ridiculous prices & some not, but if you have a few to do make them a priority as they are a good solid simple design & don't take long to fix. Oldhippy - I did read somewhere that the steel used for the springs at the time was of a particularly poor quality & breakages are common. Luckily generic 2 & 4 hole setting levers & click springs are readily available & appear to work fine (so far). Thank you all for your kind comments.
  14. Its always a risk repairing an old watch (even for the professionals), just make sure you only do repairs for friends, family & that you feel confident of your abilities, only doing the tricky stuff on your own watches. Above all make it absolutely clear that things can occasionally go wrong & if they do go wrong - grovel - a lot...
  15. Absolute cracker! Please post pics when done.
  16. Thanks Stroppy. No chance of any NOS Smiths dials or anything really. I am beginning to get some parts together from orphaned donor movements where the cases have been sold for gold scrap, occasionally they come with a decent dial & if a matching one came up I would use it. However, its all part of the watches history, so I can live with it. Thanks Bob. Its 35mm with 17mm lugs, which narrows down the strap options somewhat. I tend to use Bella Air-Con straps as they have a nice period look and are as cheap as chips, unfortunately these are not available in 17mm, so I have used a b
  17. Never had a problem with screws & ultrasonics, it probably just age. However it appears Omegas have issues see here:http://watchguy.co.uk/omega-spare-parts-quality/#comments
  18. My ongoing obsession with Smiths watches continues with a recently purchased, tired, non running & grubby fleabay special. Cant find it in the reference book, but would suspect it was made between 1960-4, with a Calibre 400 15 jewel movement inside. Slightly larger than most of my Smiths, measuring 35mm with 17mm lugs: Back off, balance removed: Now the reason for the lack of movement: The hairspring & the regulating pin are totally mullered. Luckily I have a spare so I can get this one going again, but liking a challenge I see what I can do with that sp
  19. Probably not, I think a donor movement would be on the cards, but it may be worth asking http://www.obsoletewatchandclockparts.com.
  20. You may have seen it but Martin has just published this: https://adventuresinamateurwatchfettling.wordpress.com/2016/02/14/diashock39jewels-a-seikomatic-395-self-dater-from-1963/
  21. Depends what it is, how much etc. Useful calculator here:http://www.dutycalculator.com/new-import-duty-and-tax-calculation/ limited number of goes -unless you subscribe. Why doesn't the beloved HMRC do one of these?
  22. Thanks for the heads up CB, but as funds are well bellow the 2 ha'penny threshold this ones gonna be on the back burner for a while. While browsing the 2 fleabay items mentioned I noticed this one: 301866507393, thieving (insert expletive) - check out the postage!
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