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  1. Shame dadistic, probably down to the old gits who run the BFI still bearing a grudge about your lot stealing their girlfriends in WW2. Hopefully it might end up on Yootoobe one day. Geo, I found the antidote to the music - go & listen to some full volume thrash metal in the bathroom, trouble is it might make your ears bleed or kill you.
  2. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but I just came across this http://player.bfi.org.uk/film/watch-time-of-change-1967/ Bit of a slow starter but ultimately a fascinating look at how watch making was carried out in the UK in 1967 before computers & quartz. Thanks to http://www.grinidgetime.com for the heads up.
  3. I am working on this at present: a rather tired c1970's Schatz Royal Mariner with the ships bell striking movement: & a 4 jewel pin lever platform escapement: Unfortunately the escape wheel has a broken pivot. Despite extensive searches for replacements, I haven't turned anything up yet, so repair may be my only option. Any recommendations on parts or UK based repairs would be gratefully received.
  4. According to Boley & Jules Borel it should be FF277BAA1
  5. You may have already seen these: http://mb.nawcc.org/showwiki.php?title=Bushing_Using_Hand_Tools & http://www.davewestclocks.co.uk/Bushing.clock.plates.htm. Give it a go, after all the way to learn to do something is to actually do it.
  6. For the model range see here: http://www.antiqueansoniaclocks.com/Ansonia-Model-0820.php
  7. Thanks for the info OH. Likewise I think its German & may have had a makers name plate screwed above the serial number: I would suspect that this may have been removed after WW1 due to the anti German attitude at the time, ultimately causing German clocks & other imported goods being labelled 'Foreign'. A quick search for pictures of German bracket clock movements shows similar clocks & movements with missing name plates. The movement is now stripped awaiting cleaning & I did manage to get it running beforehand. Initial inspection shows no undue wear to the pivot
  8. This has just been passed to me for restoration: Quite acceptable on the outside, strikes but does not run, pendulum missing (may turn up soon), movement very dirty & not signed: Shows serial number 169240 with 18 above on the back plate, 20 on the front plate. Apart from the grime everything seems to be in good order. Any information about the movement (age, maker etc.) would be gratefully received. Also pendulum info would be useful (if the original turns out to have disappeared for good).
  9. Will do eventually Bob, but you will need something that can do vector graphics - like Adobe Indesign or Adobe Illustator (warning expensive!) or similar - the photo programmes don't give clean lines. I have a few more to do, but they are on the back burner at the moment, due to silly season (warmish weather) being upon us again - grass to cut, walls to build, houses to paint etc. etc. so it may be some time. The joys of being a Handyman..........
  10. Long day, should have known that as I have the black one & the gold one: The gold one has the chapter ring disease, the black one was replaced with a black chapter ring (normally silver) about 3 years ago, obtained from fleabay.
  11. Davey, can you let me know the model number. Seiko in their wisdom print on top of the varnish & heavy corrosion like this would possibly be unrecoverable. You could try reprinting if you have a decent printer etc. For further info on dial restoration & printing try here: http://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/3671-smiths-astral-sub-seconds-2/#comment-36518
  12. Thanks for the kind comments all. Oldhippy - Thanks for the extra info. All work undertaken by me. The pendulum did match (sorry no photo & the clock has been returned). The steel parts were cleaned in lighter fluid but were in good nick so left alone. The rest got a dip in Priory Polishes No1 Clock cleaning fluid (sorry - mistakenly said Horolene in the original article), rinsed in water,then IPA, dried, followed by a good rub with Priory Polishes impregnated brass cloth, then IPA again, dried & finally rubbed over with a clean Selvyt cloth. The dial appeared faultless, amazing r
  13. This any good: ebay item no. 371419840347 one or two others on there as well.
  14. A friend threw this thing at me recently: Bought at a recent car boot sale for the princely sum of £10, it also has a glass dome (not shown) in good condition. The bad points: 1. Lots of thick gold paint. 2. The figure is missing something in her hand (a mirror?). 3. The alabaster base is cracked in several places, with a section missing at the back. 4. The alabaster on the front is cracked, too short on the sides & has had a non original brass plate fixed to the front. 5. Hands are rusting. 6. It looks like it's taken a few heavy knocks in the
  15. Totally agree with JDM, all the Seiko's I have - 35 in all mostly 6xxx & 7xxx from early 1960's onwards - are all lazy amps. This is a common trait of Seiko movements & isn't a problem.
  16. Same here Will. I think the trend for light coloured beers stems from the brewery's trying to wean people off Carling & suchlike. The only problem with many of the dark beers now is they tend to be in the rocket fuel category, it's getting harder to find something in the session area of 3.5% or thereabouts.
  17. Started in the family printing business in Central London 40 years ago eventually owning & running it. Unfortunately it began to own & run me more, so I sold it 8 years ago. Since then I have worked as a self employed Handyman, with a continuously full order book of varied work mostly on period properties.
  18. So its true then. That's why I did the right thing & gave up reading newspapers years ago. I now get the real news & sophisticated cutting edge social commentary from Viz.
  19. ....and there I am being led to believe that Newcastle + beer = Enjoy yourself!
  20. If I had a £ for everytime someone found a Rembrandt or similar at a boot fair..............
  21. Unfortunately it looks like it probably needs a bezel, hens teeth anyone? Nice work by the way.
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