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  1. Bezels? I suppose that depends on the environment. Too much sun/UV or a salty environment would cause fatigue for sure. I have some that are faded despite being solid colours
  2. I'll defer to Jersey mo who owns one! Nice pepsi. If you get a second with bezel.and want to sell the bezel off this one let me know im always short of bezels lol
  3. 200ft are not as rare as 200m/600ft which I believe we're actually commercially used dive watchesive also got a kelton diver which has a bigger screwdown caseback and is a tank!
  4. Hi there! Not yet tbh I don't see that dial style that often for sale on eBay... Least not under £100 lol
  5. Yes 1950s I've attached at a fixer upper I have. Attached a pic of the sprite. Yes the mil w camper is really hard to find.
  6. You e got some nice pieces there. The blue striped dynabeat is epic. I used A4 folios used for jewellery/bracelets they hold 40 in each if you double up and have a box for the cream de la crem I've one or two electric/dynabeats but not working. I tend to focus on mechanicals
  7. Thanks. They all have their merits of you look close enough. My goal is to get an example.of each as cheaply as possible then get better parts where required for a select few that I really prize. On the lust list at the moment are any 76s I don't have, a chapel hand sprite, blue bullseye sprite, robin and wonder woman watches, a working original.marlin (M22), and bezels.for all the dive watches I have lol
  8. Hi has anyone tried printing bezels for vintage timex watches? is there a known supplier or does anyone have any 3d models made i could use to try it. thanks
  9. hi guys, my obsession is early Timex watches from the 1950s, 60s and 70s with a particular focus on 1976 birth year watches, Dundee made pieces and early 50s pieces. what attracts me to Timex is how disposable they were and how they shouldn't have lasted as long as they should. there's a UK connection and a wide range of mechanical pieces produced in 1976 when the quartz crisis was at its height. unfortunately i have the money but not the time to restore many of these pieces so for now stick with m24 (no date) restorations with others being helped out by the timex community on fb and ig. (@timetrope) my current challenge is getting date wheels on m25 movements back on. theyre tricky. and getting crowns to stay in place on m21/22 movements which im hoping some new antimagnetic tweezers will help with. if your looking to sell or trade pieces then my goal is to collect them ALL and even at 200 im short quite a few
  10. hi folks, ive been collecting vintage timex for almost 2 years now having been bitten by the affordable watch bug and liking how ephemeral these pieces were supposed to be. ive around 200 watches in the collection which i wear on rotation new pieces come in weekly including some rare items like a Southampton chronostop, Emerson Fittipaldi rally watch, Bat Man and Superman watches take a look at my collection @timetrope on instagram
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