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  1. Hello Watchweasol, I got caught up with work the last few days but today I managed to make some time and was able to do what you advised. When I opened the lid of the mainspring barrel, the mainspring seems to be off the centre hole and everytime I try to bring it to the centre, it jumps back out of place. I tried inserting the arbour into the spring using a round pivot stake, centering the arbor with peg wood and subsequently closing the barrel. After assembling the bridge and winding the watch, I still can't seem to power up the mainspring. When winding, it seems there is some slippage with the arbor and spring. I even tried recording the video to upload it but the file size is over 30mb. Can you please let me know your thoughts? I'm thinking it's best i just order a full mainspring barrel assembly so it becomes plug and play; fixing what i have thought this is definitely my preference.
  2. Hello Watchweasol et. anyone else reading this, I managed to strip the movement and just assemble the mainspring and ratchet wheel. After inserting some rodico to jam the bottom of the mainspring barrel, I wound up the barrel using a screwdriver. When I released the click spring, the barrel moved by maybe to gear teeth or almost nothing. I inspected the mainspring and the arbour and everything looks fine. Not sure what the issue is; could be I haven't inserted the arbour correctly. The mainspring also doesn't seem to sit on the centre of the barrel groove until I place it with the arbour and lock it. I did also mess the mainspring while winding it back as I dont have a mainspring winder so had to go old school (hands). The mainspring was horribly deformed but when I wound it up the correct way, it regained I think 70% of its initial shape. Is this a major problem now?
  3. Will do Sir. I shall do the needful and revert. Many thanks again for all your help and advice on this project.
  4. As always, thank you very much for your reply watchweasol. I'll do as you have recommended and share my findings. ON the outset though, I'm thinking if there was an issue with the winding of the spring / power source, would that allow for the movement in the escape wheel i.e. translation of power?
  5. Thank you watchweasol. It took me a while to figure out how to the jam the train wheels and while I was trying to figure that out, I discovered the horn on which the pallet fork moves back and forth was bent and that did not allow the escape wheel to move further from the entry stone of the pallet fork. I managed to straighten that and tried putting on the balance but no luck. Then, I used a thin needle to try and jam the train of wheels and the end of that neddle was resting on the center wheel. In that state, when I tried to move the pallet fork, it was responsive and I could see it was allowing the escape wheel to move with corresponding movement of the other wheels. The moment I removed the needle from the 'jar' position, the escape wheel was no longer responsive. I'm still trying figure out what the issue is considering all wheels were spinning freely after I removed the pallet fork and tried winding the barrel. Secondly, I did everything as you said i.e. Only put the barrel, ratchet and the barrel gear. After winding the spring a little, I tried to release the click spring but the barrel did not unwind. This is what I'm examining currently as I write this. P. S. I manually unwound the power from the barrel by rotating the ratchet gear in the opposite direction till the point I could not rotate it anymore.
  6. Hello All, Hope you're safe, doing well and in good health. As an update, I managed to source a click spring and the seconds wheel. After a lot of struggle - mainly because I was scared - I managed to put the click and click spring back together in the process of assembling the movement. In the final step of putting the balance, I couldn't get the movement to run. This is the first issue. I can say that the train wheel bridge and pallet fork are all seated correctly in their pivots as I kept checking the function every time I went a step further. I'd also add that I've used Mobi 9020 when oiling the pivots as I'm waiting for my supply of 9010 and other oils+greases although I don't think that would be a major problem. It is also very possible that the oiling is not an A grade job. The first round of putting the watch back together is an experiment to see if I can get the watch to tick. I will redo the whole project once I have the oils. In this current build, I was not even going to proceed with the keyless works; rather disassemble the movement. The two other issues are; 1. After I removed the balance, I tried to tap the pallet fork to see if it is gripping the escape wheel on the entry and exit points but I couldn't see that happening like what I've seen in some of Mark's and other videos on YT. 2. I had wound the mainspring a few turns just to have some power in when I put in the balance. As the escape wheel was unresponsive, I tried to unwind the mainspring to release any power but when i disengaged the click, the barrel didn't turn. Worryingly, this is exactly what I saw when I first disassembled the movement and when I took out the pallet fork, a lot power was released which apparently damaged the seconds wheel. Can someone please advise what could be the problem here with the three issues I've mentioned? Any help will be greatly appreciated. P.S. This is my first project of restoring my Grandfather's watch.
  7. So the hunt begins for parts.. thank you for the guidance. Much appreciated.
  8. Thank you watchweasol! I did have cousins UK in mind but I'm in the Middle East and getting them to ship it to where I am is expensive so was wondering if anyone managed to make a spring. On another note, I just completed the cleaning of all the parts except the keyless works. I managed to find one of the train wheel teeth to be damaged (image attached). I believe this is the seconds wheel? Interestingly, when I first opened the watch - a while ago - I noticed the hair spring from the balance had come off and had gotten wound in the train wheels. While taking the watch apart, I tried to unwind the power by disengaging the click spring but there was no response on the crown. And then when I took of the pallet off at a later stage, the whole thing unwound rapidly So many newbie mistakes. I'm not sure which of the above damaged the wheel.
  9. Thank you very much watchweasol and Nucejoe!!
  10. Hello All, I'm working on the restoration of a Ricoh calibre 61 (~ early 70's) as my first project. I've mainly been having issues in dealing with the tiny springs that are there in the movement. A few times, I managed to locate the spring that pinged off but this time, the click spring (image attached) has pinged while I was trying to move the cleaned parts in the dust tray and I'm almost certain I've run out of luck in finding it. Can anyone please advise if there is a way to make the click spring or any of these other springs? Where will I be able to source the springs? Lastly, any tips on the best way to remove these small springs? Thanks a lot!!
  11. Hello Everyone, hope you're all safe and in good health. I'm really excited to be part of this community. Presently, I'm on the 2nd level of Mark's watch repair lessons and already have my grandfather's wrist watch as my first and ongoing project. It's a Ricoh calibre 61; nothing too great or fancy but I think I wrecked the watch years ago and now that I've picked up this hobby and the basic tools, I've taken it upon me to fix this watch and get it running again. If any of the mods want to may be tell me if there are people in this community that specialize in any areas of watch repair then that would be much appreciated. Thanks and stay safe.
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