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  1. I have just been outbid Lesson... not .. learned.
  2. Time should be passing more slowly if you accelerate, maybe it's just general relativity.
  3. Hey John, That's a cool looking watch. It's pretty sleek actually in orange, I'd say you did well with the design of that. Is it for sale?? I have been off and on about wanting to get an empty SKX case and use the NH36 down the road. I don't even have tools yet. Yes, I ordered the SNK off eBay out of a store in Brooklyn called Jomashop watch or something like that. For whatever reason there is a sudden scarcity of black SNKs from the normal Amazon sellers, the price went up so much in Canada that I had to get creative for the black one and order it out of the states. 83.99 US
  4. I agree completely John that 750 is a good deal no matter what. It's actually going for under 700 right now. I can't bring myself to spend that money on a quartz watch though. I hate to do this to the seller but I will have to report the item as being listed incorrectly and hope I can retract the bid. And a counterfeit is something I am just not interested in at all. I am hoping that an Omega expert will come across this post and clear everything up.
  5. Hello, I have recently come across a deal on eBay "to good to be true" so I think it's a fake. But I bid anyway, of course, because I had convinced myself it was a genuine item, but now I think it's fake. Anyway the watch I'm looking at is here (ePID 26031091922), at first I thought everything looks great, and I bid on it (max 750 CDN). Concerned the seller has 0 feedback, it's a private sale, and the caseback is somewhat suspicious? It ends in five days, I'd rather report the item and try to cancel my bid if it's fake, but purchase it if it's real. Anyw
  6. While I'm usually inclined to agree with statements like this... it's pretty much a moot point since I have already sat down and lectured on how the Europeans needed to navigate west so they required the time of day, but it's impossible on a ship rolling on the waves to use a pendulum swing to keep time so the marine chronometer was born then the whole program overhauled less than two hundred years later since technology advances so fast it's tripping over itself we bicker about leap seconds since our atomic time is supposedly more accurate than celestial time nowadays, to me, it's a shame tha
  7. Yeah, thanks! We're not on a first name basis yet.
  8. I think you will enjoy your new watch more if you have a professional get it working right away and then pursue the hobby in its own right that's just my opinion.
  9. Hey! I've been watching lots of videos of someone called Mark Lovik as he takes apart watches and puts them back together. He's also got a four part course on watch repair. I haven't taken it yet because I sort of feel like you should just buy all the tools first, as well as the practice movement, and probably a case and stuff to make a complete watch during the course. Then I sort of found it was a little too distracting when I started just buying watches. It's all on YouTube including a video on specifically what you need to get to build the learner watch. Anyway you're supposed to
  10. My friend that is the SKX :) a few reasons why I would not buy the SKX but I know it was one of their most popular watches of all time. It's too expensive for the lack of features, I feel it deserves a better movement, a job for later. Here's the SNK I'm considering for her I'm going to be honest with you even if I don't get her an amphibia I'll probably get one for myself from this website, so it's a win either way. I mean hell, maybe she wants two watches
  11. Hey, everyone, thanks for the help! After I posted this I couldn't help but ask how she felt and I asked her to wear around my seiko snk for the day, which she loved. She thought i was giving her mine at first because i said it was too small for me, but anyway she's chosen the black one. it looks great on her. Classic choice my friend. I was even thinking about an amphibia. Just wondering, what currency is that website in? I'm seriously going to consider one of these over the SNK. The white one is really cool. I want to also laugh at your joke about me teaching someone
  12. I am looking to purchase a watch for a woman who is in her late 30s and never really owned or worn a watch she is interested only because I am interested, so basically I don't want her feeling left out as I buy myself watch after watch, tools for repairing them, etc. I'm at a loss. Please consider this list of basic requirements: Price point of 300$ (or much less) Colorful, fun, not necessarily small, not dressy or luxurious Automatic movement (or else I would just get a swatch quartz - too easy) Not really into the system51 they are damn expen
  13. Sure, thanks. I'll remember you're the guy to come crying to when I can't figure out which way is up? I'm going to the beach with my kids and I'm pretty excited about wearing this Mako II Pepsi.
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