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  1. Hello Watchweasol I've attached a couple of shots of the watch front and with the back off. As I'm new to this I've no idea how to remove the movement from the case. I've plenty of old watches to practice but not on this old Cartier. As you can see there is rust on some of the screws in the movement and the crystle colouring on the inside where it had condensation. Hope you can help.
  2. Hello - Thanks for your reply. Once I've dismantled the watch I'll send you some pictures.
  3. I'm a retired Musician still playing but only for pleasure. I’ve spent 55 years in this profession travelling the globe and I’ve accumulated a lot of timepieces one way or the other. My aim is to get some of the better watches working again and now I have the time I'm keen to get started. My priority is to try and fix one of my wife’s watches (brownie points) which I purchased 30 years ago in UK. It’s a Cartier Quartz Tank which has stopped working altogether. I had it looked at and the guy said it was corroded and needed a new movement "ouch". I've found a replacement Cartier movement for £250 but as I've nothing to lose I thought I'd attempt to clean it up, put a new battery in and see what happens. Any suggestions on how to go about this would be appreciated. Cheers Cluck
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