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  1. Thanks so much for the info, and those attachments. And yes as Jeryl said, I'm going to start on cheap watches of no sentimental value, hah.
  2. Apologies if this has been answered many times previously. I used the search function but couldn't find what I'm looking for. Please direct me to the right post if I've missed it! I'm just after some recommendations on some general purpose watch repair tool "sets" or "kits".. something that'll have most of what you're likely to need for the standard work opening cases, taking apart a movement etc. (even a list of must-have individual items would also be helpful). There seems to be a lot of options out there and I'm wary of a) buying cheap rubbish, and also b) spending too much on something needlessly professional for a novice mucking about with flea market junkers and the like. I don't mind buying something nice if it'll be worth it in the long run, but again - I don't really have the expertise to make that judgement call cheers!
  3. I'd be interested to know how much of an issue this reflection problem was/is for divers using non oil-filled watches prior to this "solution".
  4. Malheureusement pas. J'aime juste le film du même nom!
  5. Hey all, I'm quite new to the world of watches - unintentionally developing an interest right as the world went into lockdown - so besides relentless youtube and the things I've been coveting on eBay and elsewhere, I haven't yet had much chance to see many things in person. I am a fan of Zodiacs, both the vintage and new rebooted brand - and from them is how I got dragged into wanting to know more about horology in general. I admire plenty of the more horrifically unobtainable (for me) manufacturers as well.
  6. Very nice! I'm also a fan of Zodiac, both the vintage models and the rebooted company.
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