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  1. Many thanks for all the help and apologies for the delay in responding. I managed to get the appropriate sized screwdriver and did as vinn3 suggested to great effect. This allowed me to slide in the stem and lock it. I was now able to move the hands. However... when i try to wind the stem it immediately springs back the exact amount i have wound. Also the lower screw in the photo [with the arrow around it] has come loose, I presume i over did it when i opened it previously and have now dislodged the connecting part. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love your feedback, as a novice i do not wish to damage this watch so if you think it best to begin on a lesser models and leave this to the pros i would happily hear this too.
  2. Thank you for your help, I have not tried this but will do so ASAP. Fingers crossed.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a bit of beginers question that'd a appreciate a bit of help with. I just picked up an old Longine from early 20th C and would love to get it running. As it was missing a stem I sourced one on ebay and was hoping to give it a wind just to see where I'm at but am having problems inserting the stem. I turned both screws below the level of the stem in the photo but neither allowed me to incert the stem further. Am i missing something, ie. should i try another screw or might there be another reason why i can't get it in. Apologies in advance if this is an obvious one, I am very new to watch repair and tinkering. Thanks in advance Jean
  4. Hi Everyone, Jean here, have been reading this site for a year or more and enjoyed a lot of great information and insight. Finally i have a reason to join.I have come across an old longines with a 13.34 that i would love to get working again. Not sure how far beyond me the task is but i presently have a bit of time and am keen to learn so seems as good a time as any to start at a very basic level. I will post up a few questions later but wanted to say hello first. Best Jean
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