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  1. Hi I have a cheap seconda and the time won’t change manually was going to have a play with it myself any ideas as I have nout to loose with such a cheep watch
  2. The whole lot had stopped then after trying to reset the 2small dials they would not do anything then after 5mins messing about managed to get the big second hand to go but none of the other dials will do anything
  3. Hi just after a bit of info on my Hamilton pilot pioneer chronograph it is only 6mth old but got it out today to find out it had stopped and none of the sub dials will do anything if you push the reset buttons you can get the big second hand to work but don’t know how long this will go for just wondering if any one has any ideas (battery flat ) I am sending it back but would like any ideas
  4. Hi thanks mate didn’t want to go pocking things in if they don’t want thinks pocking in hope you know what I mean
  5. Can any one tell me how to remove the crown I have had back off there is a large brass plate (cover) there is a small arrow pointing to a hole is this we’re you press to pull crown out
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