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  1. Hi everyone, does anyone know if these two movements are essentially the same with interchangeable parts? I'm starting to think that they are but couldn't be sure without trying out a few parts. Steve.
  2. Thanks guys for the help and advice. Any advice regarding the third wheel lubrication? Is any lubrication required in between the two wheels? Or just lubricate the pivots? Sorry but never even seen one of those before. Steve.
  3. Hi, Just stripped down the movement and noticed that one of the pivot holes on the automatic bridge has some pretty bad wear. Also there is wear on the barrel bridge directly opposite. What are my options here as I am just a hobbiest without much in the way of expensive tools? I'm guessing just find a donor movement and keep my fingers crossed it doesn't have the same wear. I did see Some parts on eBay for Orient 49740 that appear at first glance to be the same. Does anyone know any more regarding that? Also the third wheel appears to be two wheels in one. Any ideas regarding lubrication for t
  4. That's interesting to know that. Might come in handy one day. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the help. From my research I see that benzine is naptha and lighter fuel contains naptha. Any other opinions on that are welcome.
  6. Hi, just looking for some advice regarding the reversing wheels. I am new to this hobby and have not come across them up to now. Just looking for advice on cleaning and lubrication. Will lighter fluid and ultrasonic be ok for cleaning? I am guessing that they are all metal construction. What about lubrication, would it just be the pivots that require lube? I have 9010, 9415 and D5 available to use. While I'm here is there anything else I need to take extra care with? Everything looks pretty familiar, just smaller than a man's watch. What lube would be best to use on the winding rotor post?Stev
  7. I guess that to fit the new crystal you would put the crystal in place and then press on the bezel around that to lock in place?
  8. Thanks Marc, you are right, just popped the bezel off. I have a new crystal so no worries there. Can I ask is there any reference that tells you if it's a bezel fitted or not as they are sometimes hard to see? Or is it something you have just picked up over the years? Steve.
  9. Hi All, I have managed to mess up the removal of the acrylic crystal from the stainless steel case., I now have a broken rim of the crystal (where it fractured from the front of the crystal) still stuck into the recessed groove around the circumference, between the outside and what looks like a tension ring but I think is not, looks part of the case to me. It really is wedged in tight and i fear that if I use metal tools then the case will be damaged. Any ideas how to get that out? Solvent? Burn it and pick out the remains with peg wood? Any other ideas? All help appreciated. Steve.
  10. Thanks for all the tips guys. Loving my new timegrapher, funded in the main from the sale of an old Seiko quartz 5Y23-8A11 that had sat in a drawer for most of the last 28 years.
  11. Thanks guys for the really good tips. Well I took it apart and gave the escape wheel a rub all over with a fibre glass brush then cleaned in the ultrasonic with lighter fluid. To be honest I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. After reassembly the periodic noise has gone. Amplitude reading is lower now but the previous reading of 285 could well have been skewed by the noise I think. Amplitude is actually on the rise, 261 as I type.
  12. Hi, I am new to this hobby and I am finding it very interesting and satisfying bringing old watches back to working condition. I must admit that I didn't fully inspect the escape wheel before reassembly. I do have a x20 old binocular microscope that I can have a look with. To me it appears that the issue is happening on 6 out of the 15 escape wheel teeth all next to each other on one side. Does that suggest anything to look for?
  13. Hi, I think that I have an issue with the escape wheel. The periodic noise shown on the Timegrapher has a period of 5 seconds, which I believe is the time it takes for the escape wheel to rotate once. The watch has been cleaned and lubricated and is a 21 jewel 7006A and is keeping good time. I'm going to have a look at the escape wheel for issues later. Does anyone know what might cause this so I know what to look out for? Thanks in advance, Steve.
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