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  1. I found one more, are the jig used for bushing work on none Rubin watches? /Carl
  2. What is this tool for? This small " mainplate" what is it used for, is it only for store parts during assembly or is it a template? Regards / Carl
  3. As a expected the older machine with right fluids will do the work, time to fill it up. Thanks for the answer / Carl
  4. I have a cleaner that i have not stared up yet (needs to fill it up), a National MK VI 240V. The seller of the old machine reminded me that newer watches must always be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner. My question: Is that true, when started watchmakers with ultrasonic cleaners and is the result so much different? I could expect that smaller rubies needs ultrasonic cleaner. Regards Carl
  5. Is this one of the watches that you can use compressed air to open it? /Carl
  6. I got my watch in exchange for a broken car, project for project and I doesn't requires so much space ?. You are right of the need for service on a movement that is about 40 year, but there are some alternatives here. The upper part of the movement (fork part) have four strews and shall allays be removed before the movement is removed from case. The none humming part of the watch has mostly standard parts, and couldn't be that hard to service.
  7. I have notice that, that's why i think that my strategy will be to exchange movement. / Carl
  8. I have also a problem with a Omega 1250 movement where the vibration from the tuning fork is transformed to a rotation at the wheel by the click jewels. The parts are so small so my optical tools is not up to the need, probably old oxidation from the battery and the silicone gasket have created the problem. Are the cogs there and is there the needed space of 1/100 mm between wheel and click jewels. Now am I also unsure if the pivots of the wheel is broken. Note the size tip of a toothpick close to the wheel with + 300 cogs. A change to a ESA 9162 (date) movement in the Omega will give
  9. I have noticed that there are two variants of the balance staff for the Landeron 39, the Shockproof and the Super Shock Resistant. I don't know the difference between them, do you have the right one in the movement? /Carl
  10. Perfect with a "local shop", Thanks/tack!! I think that this will take time, but missing hammer and wheel turner for the Audemars Freres repeater / chronograph , but i am not in a hurry with this one. / C-MW
  11. I found data at one of the Swedish steel suppliers Sandvik https://www.materials.sandvik/en/materials-center/material-datasheets/strip-steel/20c/ and that the sizes of the material was acceptable to start with (see picture). Thanks C-MW
  12. What steel materials is used for chronograph hammers and other (none rotating) moving parts? If there are missing parts of an older watch and it's not possible to find spare parts, what steel is recommended to start with? Is there a description, video or written guidelines to follow? The picture is more of an illustrative picture than the real needed object. / C-MW
  13. Thanks all for a warm welcome /C-MW
  14. I have always been interested in watches, but it is only the last year that I have tried to learn about the technical parts of the watches, how to service and repair. Regards C-MW
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