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  1. Looks to be another Baumgartner 866? All the rage!
  2. The next one from my ebay job lot, a 'Gisa Soleure', another Baumgartner 866 based watch, this time with centre seconds, the dial branding is a bit 'naughty'! I assume the 21 is meant to fool you... (note there is no mention of 21 what!, it certainly isn't jewels!) Many watches from the era seem to employ this ruse, and I've seen Ebay listings where these are stated as '21 Jewels' so it is still fooling/conning people today! This one was a little dirty and wouldn't wind, crown would just spin, on opening it up I found the setting lever spring/yoke (single part) was broken so it wouldn't s
  3. I was looking at their webpage a couple of weeks ago https://accurist.co.uk/our-story/
  4. That all makes sense, thank you, I was misunderstanding to an extent, I thought you were talking about the pallet 'stones' themselves (which in this case are 'pins') I guess tolerance affects them too like anything, but the pallet pivot holes and staffs would have more positional variation effect I guess. I have 4 loupes, 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10x I think, I'll have a much closer look at all the pivots (pins and holes) and see if I can spot anything.
  5. I don't have access to a microscope unfortunately (don't give me ideas! I dropped for a lovely vintage MKS staking set the other week that I will barely use probably), the only jewel in the movement is balance top setting! I confess I didn't remove/clean it since that would entail dismantling the balance and reassembling it (non shock) and I am 0 for 3 on that score to date! Re: your thinking on the fork pins, if they were to blame, wouldn't that also affect the running in dial up/down? I'm not questioning your suggestion, just trying to get a better understanding of what the possible causes o
  6. Oh wow.. thanks Andy, I didn't even think to look for one, just assumed that anything other than round would be unobtainable! But this actually looks to be (potentially) the one (Bale shape, 27.8, 22.3 square), they only have one in stock, but I'm guessing there won't be much competition for it so I'll wait and see if I can get that one running first!
  7. Got a job lot of 16 in the post last week, £63 + £5.20 postage, so £4.26 each all in, how that is eventually amortised over the bunch remains to be seen! One of them at least is probably beyond saving (the squareish one is missing crystal and it would be uneconomic if not impossible to get a replacement) They are all 70’s ish Swiss, I’ve taken the back off a few and they are all budget, built down to a price with pressed components and most are only 1 jewel. If nothing else I may repurpose the cases for a couple of them to house better orphaned movements. First one I tackled was this
  8. Inspiring stuff Andy! Hope to pick up some more to have a go at, I'm on the look out on ebay constantly, but don't see very much going sub £5, most stuff has a starting price higher than that . Hopefully post lockdown I'll be able to get out to some flea markets and fairs again.
  9. Think this should just about qualify?.. this job lot of 6 'dead' Accurist movements + 1 case was £12.85 including postage (so less than £4.04 with $10 postage for the whole 6), 4 of them were ETA 2390s, 3 of which I have killed now... but one I have got running well enough that I built it back into the case that was also in the lot and it has been running with reasonable accuracy (within +30s/day dial up, better than that if worn) for a couple of weeks now. I used the most patina'd of the dials as I kind of like it and jazzed it up with a bright orange second hand. Since it is my first 'saved'
  10. Think it is just the angle/lighting on the blue tinged spring, combined with a slight gap in the coils at the point in the swing when the picture was taken (balance running when picture taken) this is it from a different angle, looks more normal? I need a better camera, my phone does a reasonable job but a macro lens would be easier! Thanks for the tip of marking the pallet position on the balance and using that as a reference when turned over, hadn't thought of doing it that way!
  11. Picture of the balance, just looking at it again now, the hairspring is distorted and touching underneath the cock on the left of the picture, I should have said in earlier comment, on the excessive rate and beat error, amplitude is very low now too (150), stud is fixed on this balance. So this one may be done for :(. I know the theory of the approach to installing the balance, but I really do struggle! The most difficult bit for me is locating the lower pivot initially, either I can't get it to locate, or the balance pivot hits the pallet fork and causes it to flick back the other way If
  12. I haven't quite got the confidence (or knowledge of exactly what to do, e.g. which way or how far to turn it) to adjust the hairspring collet on a fixed stud balance yet, I've only started this as a hobby in the last month, and this is only the 3rd or 4th 'practice' movement I've stripped/rebuilt. Also, as I'm a bit inexperienced/clumsy, the beat error on the movement seems to change every time I remove/replace the balance (I only seem to get the impulse jewel on the correct side of the pallet about 1 time in 3!) so I don't know what to use as a baseline. I did have a look at this, I've s
  13. Hi, thanks, maybe, more like dumb luck though I think! Unfortunately my luck ran out, latest rebuild has made things much worse, think I've damaged the balance or escapement/pallets now somehow as it is all over the place, running 800+s fast and beat error of 6-7ms, re: your earlier point of amplitude drop, you may be right, but I couldn't see anything at all obvious different on the balance during the 'fast' 20s (not to say it wasn't dropping, I wouldn't necessarily see it as I'm new to this). Thanks for the parts offer, but no need on this occasion, I have 4 of these 2390s from a job lo
  14. Ok, I stripped, cleaned, rebuilt, behaviour was slightly different but still similar, repeatable time gain/loss on the minute. So went through it all again and I finally managed to diagnose the issue, and partially fix it... but then made it worse! It wasn't the 4th wheel itself, but the tube it passes through that is part of the main plate, it was slightly out of true, by pushing it in various directions I could remove the erratic running. It then just ran consistently fast and with higher amplitude... however, I should have left it when it was 'good enough' rather than trying to get it
  15. Thanks, it has been really satisfying, I had 4 of these arrive in a joblot from eBay last Saturday, and I've now rebuilt 3 of them, it has been kind of an addiction! the 4th one has given up its balance and a shock setting spring to the cause of the other 3 so it's not going to make it sadly, all the other 3 now run to some degree or another though (See my other thread on timing weirdness on one of them!). I do have the going barrel from the 4th one that I could swap in as a test to see if it makes much difference but I think it is likely I just over oiled this (only 2nd watch I had tried a re
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