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  1. Thanks for your answer; I apologize for the misunderstanding: I have the balance wheel: I took it off to discover the movement number!!
  2. Hello everybody I bought on a flea market a nice lady watch from the (i believe) '70. If i am wrong with the datation, please let me know. The hour was told by plastic rings (please check the pictures below) On the hour wheel is attached a "wire". As when I opened it, the numbers were "flying" I am NOT sure how the plastic rings were fixed and if it is complete. Somebody can help with the above 2 questions? As the movement is really tiny, I am definetely not going to work on that IF there is sommething missing or broken. Many thanks in advance Buf
  3. Hello Thanks to the previous suggestion I got here, I was able to strip down the whole movement ETA 8810. Now I have a doubt. There is a wheel that I don't know how to take out and I am wondering if it's supposed to remain there. Please check the pictures. As always many thanks in advance
  4. Hello everybody. I am new to all this. I am trying to disassemble a Lorsa 238 GA movement. But I cannot remove the canon pinion from center wheel. Is there a special tool? I don't want to ruin anything, so I stopped as soon as I was not able to take it out with tweezers. So I ask. Many thanks in advance Buf
  5. Hi Watchweasol Thanks for the suggestion, but if you look carefully, I have already done it. But if you want, I can do that another time, if the first was not enough. In any case, I am new into to this and I would like to share my passion (and also my doubts) with somebody more experienced. Regards Buf
  6. Hello everybody Could you please help me with the removal of the crown for this movement? I think I have to push a button, but I want to be sure before make damages. Please find enclose picture of the movement. Many thanks in advance Buf
  7. Hello everybody! I'm a new user, interested in vintage watches. This hobby is new for me. So I will probably ask to your help, soon. I am sure I will find it here. Thanks in advance for all your future advise Regards Buf
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