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  1. I have two that are DOA , can someone recommend a good troubleshoot/repair person to breath life back into them?
  2. I removed the timer assembly and found that the trigger bar had been pushed back. I spun it back around so that it would make contact and in the process a wire let go poor solder joint. I have two ultrasonic base units I would like to send to someone and get them repaired. Is there anyone around that troubleshoots/ repairs them?
  3. Looking at the timer, the trigger bar only moves about 1/32 and it seeps to be way too low to contact anything. The illustration in the manuel show it sticking almost straight up. That makes sense in that position it would easily make contact with the timing screws. Does this make sense?
  4. Thanks Rodabud I have come to the same solution. This is a second machine that I had planed on repairing and then selling but If I cant I will keep it for parts. and I still have both bottom units to sort out.
  5. Hello all; I am looking for some guidance on an L & R Varamatic machine. It seems to be timed properly but the basket goes onto the jar and immediately comes right out and does spin-off clear at the top of it's cycle rather then stopping in the top of the jar. It would throw solution all over the place if you used it. When I got it the timing screws were screwd all the way down in an effort to control the time it set in the jars but that didn't seem to work . Any help or guidance would be gratefully accepted.
  6. I have collected pocket watches for several years and have slowly been gathering the tools to maintain them. Is there a good video series or book series that I should get that will help me learn how to Clean and adjust these fine old watches?
  7. I have been a pocket watch collector for a number of years and decided to learn how to clean and maintain them. I am looking for an L & R Varamatic watch cleaner with the ultrasonic head. Anyone have one they want to sell?
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