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  1. Hello, i want to open the cadisen c1032 in order to change hands but the bezel in the front is too tight, to the point i cannot even shove my knife in there. Mark has a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjBfSCzS8eg where he opens first the case back and then continues with the bezel(is this crucial for the bezel to be removed?). Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Hello , thanks for your feedback, i aligned them as i should have done but... i accidentally hit the seconds hand, rendering it unusable. So, i bought the seconds hand again. As for the bezel, i simply cannot fit the new one, it is too hard(i have an aliexpress case press). Thanks for your feedback guys.
  3. Hello everyone, This is my first attempt to mod a watch. I tried an amphibia and I got this result. Can anyone explain to me what happened? When applied the hands I couldn't hear any click noise
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys, i am going to check the second movement again.
  5. Hi everyone, I am new to watch world and hopefully i will learn a lot from you and share my failures and successes. I have already purchased basic tools and three Chinese automatic mechanisms(two watches and a movement). I disassembled the first watch but i didn't know how to bring it together again. The second one(the bare movement) i managed to assemble it again but the movement doesn't work(the spring winds as it should but the central wheels do not move). As far as the third one goes, i am a bit afraid to touch it because the shipping times have skyrocketed due to the corona bug.
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