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  1. Hi guys, This is going to be my first project, the watch was gifted to me by one of my friends. As you can see the crystal is cracked and the watch sometimes works (had to shake it first to kinda wake it up.) and than stops. But anyway I've found out that it is difficult to find suitable crystal. I went on eBay and Amazon and couldn't find any spare crystals. Any ideas where I could get it? Cheers. Ps. I didn't open watch yet as Iam waiting for my tools to arrive;)
  2. Thank you so much guys for your advise. I'll look out for those
  3. Hello guys and gals ! My name is Daniel and Iam a bus driver based in Ireland. I was always dreaming about watches,they little clockworks and how they move fascinated me. My first repair attempt was at age 5 when I tried to fix my da russian watch Poliot with a hammer.This didn't end up well for the watch and definitely didn't end up well for me. Now fast forward 40 years I still have that urge to fix/refurbish watches. Iam a guy with no knowledge about watches whatsoever. I've seen some you tube videos and read some guidelines and...that's all. Anyway I bought some basic t
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