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  1. Not seen exactly the same dial, but the R.W.C. on the case does signify it's a Rolex. Well worth servicing. I got this in a vintage three watch bundle recently, I'm in the process more research now. It and it's mate definitely in line for service.
  2. USMC Hamilton,(franken) 987a movement, (1944), NOS Wadsworth case (1946) Semper-fi Bob
  3. Me too...Nice find. 1919 BURLINGTON
  4. ^ LOVE Omega Blue...Seamaster Chrono Blue Dial 1972 145.029
  5. Off the wall Navajo....
  6. Longines Super Thin 1970, caliber 428, 17J
  7. 1919 Burlington by Vortic Watch CO. USA
  8. Audemars Piguet Ultra Thin 17j Bob
  9. It was made in the early 70's Bob
  10. Santa dropped it off yesterday....? Longines Super Thin 1970, caliber 428,
  11. My first 'real' watch... IWC Aquatimer Chronograph “Cousteau Divers” REF 3783, 2006
  12. Just got it back today from Chris Radek, The Timeguy. Could not me happier, thank you Chris and all here who helped. Bob C.
  13. Hi Mo.... Look what arrived today....Thanks for the heads-up. GB
  14. Brain fart...it's the Case that's marked GB. GB
  15. The movement stamped 'Britain', I've been looking for a while and I have never seen another Black dial Marlin with the gold block indices. The silver case may be an over the pond thing, I'll ck the 'bay' Thanks GOM
  16. No... It was a gift from my favorite local Watch Finder. Are you saying that one is on the block? Bob
  17. ^ Why do I like that?..... Bob 1972 Timex Marlin 21 Jewels
  18. Seamaster Chrono Blue Dial 1972 145.029 cal. 861 "Rolex Datejust 18k/Stainless 1995 Bob
  19. This place has been a great help. I've sent a deposit to the 'timeguy' referenced above for the repair and a complete service with no cosmetic work. GB
  20. Looks like just what I need...thank you very much!!! GB
  21. Here is all I know of the origins of the watch...I contacted what is left of JJ.. Thank you for the photos of your watch. I fully understand and appreciate its sentimental value and it appears to be in good condition. Unfortunately it’s US produced and we have no spare parts for it. However, I believe the watch is fitted with a standard Swiss movement and a local US watchmaker should be able to replace the broken stem. Best regards, HANS RYSER Senior Advisor & Brand Ambassador Just not sure yet how I should proceed. GB
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