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  1. USMC Hamilton,(franken) 987a movement, (1944), NOS Wadsworth case (1946) Semper-fi Bob
  2. Me too...Nice find. 1919 BURLINGTON
  3. ^ LOVE Omega Blue...Seamaster Chrono Blue Dial 1972 145.029
  4. Off the wall Navajo....
  5. Longines Super Thin 1970, caliber 428, 17J
  6. 1919 Burlington by Vortic Watch CO. USA
  7. Audemars Piguet Ultra Thin 17j Bob
  8. It was made in the early 70's Bob
  9. Santa dropped it off yesterday.... Longines Super Thin 1970, caliber 428,
  10. My first 'real' watch... IWC Aquatimer Chronograph “Cousteau Divers” REF 3783, 2006
  11. Just got it back today from Chris Radek, The Timeguy. Could not me happier, thank you Chris and all here who helped. Bob C.
  12. Hi Mo.... Look what arrived today....Thanks for the heads-up. GB
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