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  1. And i think it's the last one from this line(if anyone seen any other please let me know)
  2. That's exactly what i was talking about, in Poland it is called Benzyna ekstrakcyjna and google translated it to "extraction gassoline", yet wikipedia says different name for "benzyna ekstrakcyjna" is "eter naftowy" which is "petroleum ether" you wrote about Thank you all for your answers!
  3. I'm amateur tinkerer and i wonder if it's safe to leave a pallet fork in gassoline? Can it melt shellac or not? Thanks in advance for all answers:)
  4. I've never seen one too... it could be also Cornavin but i have'nt seen one too(either way Poljot is also export one, one in this photo was made for inner marker) Here's next one, the dial is nice green but it's pretty hard to get it on photo
  5. This is third one on same page so you probably know what this is
  6. Poljot 23 jewels, automatic
  7. Poljot 23 jewels, automatic
  8. Automatic Slava "Assymetric"
  9. Actually that's abbreviation of my full name Przemysław, it's pretty hard to explain how either of those is pronounced, easiest way to find out would be clicking that link: https://translate.google.pl/#view=home&op=translate&sl=pl&tl=en&text=przemysław%2C przemek and then listen on the polish side Actually english is not that far off.
  10. Hi, I'm collector of soviet watches from Poland and i've been watching Mark's channel for quite some time now. I'm also learning the craft of watchmaking by servicing my watches and it's great hobby :) I'm looking forward to learn more from this forum. Best wishes! Przemek
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