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  1. Hi my friends, can anyone help me find a place to buy elma 2000 device? I searched many ecommerce sites like ebay amazon, but it seemed like it was out of stock. I'm from VietNam. Thanks!
  2. Very helpful information for a trainee like me, especially in diafix (i can't put it back after take it out)
  3. I finally found it. Wheel bridges are too tight. I bought another movement and slowly replaced each of the parts and eventually found the error. Thank you everyone for your interest and support.
  4. thank you for your answer, it helped a lot but all of the above issues I have checked carefully, I have disassembled and cleaned a few more times but still not increase the amplitude and the error is still very a lot of. I think it was the manufacturer's fault (only 50% suspected)
  5. Dear all my friends, I have a problem I want to ask. I was training to service a watch and my mentor gave me a brand new orient movement (46943). I measured the amplitude of the movement to 260-270 before but after cleaning and oiling the movement dropped the amplitude to 220, even 180 when I changed positions, I spent a lot of time to check each small part, all parts are okay, the pivot is not damaged, the balance wheel still works well, i clean absorber again and again, but can't improve the amplitude. After this, my instructor spent lots of time to check again but look like he don't know wh
  6. Can i ask you a question? Yesterday, i was servicing a orient 46943 movement, at first the amplitude was at 260 but after cleaning and lubrication, it dropped to 220, even 180 when I changed position. All parts are in good condition with no damage (i have checked very carefull). I have no idea where is the problem.
  7. Thank you for your kind words to our country,we are always welcome people around the world.I may not represent my country, but if you come to my hometown I will treat you like a family member.
  8. I just started learning to repair watches in the last few months and the videos on your youtube channel are really helpful, thank you very much and wish you good health and success in your work

  9. Sorry for my poor english, i want to show you all my respect and grateful to this forum, but i can't write a lots. I am a newcomer in the watch repair industry, this forum helps me a lot with knowledge and skills, wishing everyone a successful career and good health.( thks google translate)
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