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  1. Sorry was not in town so couldn't upload the pics , I opened up the movement and though I am no expert it looks like you all are right , it definitely looks a fake. I really never knew that there are fakes for the vintage watches . Sad
  2. I have come to own a vintage ladies omega watch and it has a 18k gold stamp on its back. Can anyone advise what should be fair value of this watch ( I am considering it should be worth something being omega and gold and all ). And what would be the best channel to sell it. The watch is in working condition Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks @Tudor and @HectorLooi, I followed the suggestion and it worked. Thanks a lot really appreciate it
  4. I opened up this old watch replace the batteries for the analog watch of this Warner Bros melody memories batch but I put it back together the musical part stopped working. Does anyone has any idea what's wrong with it. I don't know jack about electrical watches. I am attaching pics of circuit here. P.S. I tried to manually press the metal strip but it still does not works so button is not the issue
  5. I own a Jules Jurgensen Selfwinding 5521 watch. Does anyone know what it is worth ? It is in very good shape .
  6. second hand is off th watch , I need to remove the stem, haven't worked with a lot of automatic ones . This is a Benrus 25 Jewel Fe 255 Movement, anyone has any idea of how to remove the stem. Pic is attached here I think it is by unscrewing the screw on the top of stem but need confirmation to avoid messing up the movement
  7. Thanks, pressing the button didn't help. I pressed head of the fork and it worked
  8. Hi working with a old Seiko watch the movement is 8620A. any idea how to take the stem out on this one. Attaching the. Pic Thanks in advance !!
  9. I am looking for a replacement stem for Seiko 7123A movement, I looked at the tech sheet and it says 354 055 part# but I can't find that number stem at Esslinger, any suggestions, any other stem whixh can be used instead ?
  10. Thanks everyone, appreciate the warm welcome
  11. I will give it a shot, I appreciate the input @watchweasol
  12. There is K04 marking inthe corner . When I pressed this dimple the stem actually didnt move at all
  13. @watchweasol I tried but it doesnt works
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