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  1. I appreciate that the original post is a little old now, however thought I'd share some info to assist this and others that may have similar questions. So I have a couple of Cal 7733s and a recent purchase of a 7730. As called out in previous responses, there are two variants of the 7730, with either a flat or beveled pillar plate - mine is the beveled, the later version. Being the newer beveled version, I was expecting a 7733 dial to fit nicely, however it does not. Whilst the dial feet are in the same positions and the sub dial pillars line up nicely, the bottom dial foot (midway be
  2. Thanks for the advice Watchweasol, really appreciated. Fully understand the not leaving to soak for too long bit, having read a post on here just yesterday, about the damage that can be done...Thanks again Phil..
  3. Hi fellow watch enthusiasts, I hope you are keeping safe & well. Having tinkered for a while, and completed the second of Mark's on-line course, I'm taking the plunge and undertaking a full dismantle, clean and reassemble of an old 1960's Tissot Seastar. As a result I have two questions, if I may. I read somewhere, that I should not subject the pallet fork to the harsh cleaning fluids, as it may damage the delicate End Stones. Is this accurate and correct and are there any other components that I should not put in the harsh cleaning fluid..? In addition, I've managed to s
  4. Sorry, that should have read 'If I put a 7733 dial (no date window) on a 7734 movement, would it cause an issue with the transit of the date wheel.'
  5. Hi fellow watch enthusiasts, I hope you are keeping safe & well. I have a couple of questions if I may. I’m creating an ETA Valjoux 7733 watch from NOS parts. Doing OK, got a really clean movement with dial and hands, and now a nice case too. The hands are in pretty bad shape, so I purchased some additional ones, however the Chrono hands are just too big and the barrels are just not compatible with the movement. I’m guessing I’m going to have to try and restore/repaint the old ones. I’ve watched videos on restoring hands, however they tend to be the Hour & Minute hands.
  6. Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Phil and live in the UK. I've been a watch enthusiast for a good few years now, I've always tinkered with them and have had some good results, some not so good too :-). Currently going through the online courses that Mark has created and hoping they'll help me identify/correct some bad habits/mistakes. I have a question re a challenge I have currently, but will post that later, for now I just wanted to say Hi.. Cheers Phil
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