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  1. That was the info I was looking for. Thanks! I returned the watch and he said he will have it in a few days. He saw that it was out of spec.after sitting for 24hrs. with crown right it was the worst at rate=-15 amp=179 beat error at 1.0. Best was face up at -16, 214 and .5.
  2. I only put it on there for 9 hrs. In 24 hrs it was 14 sec slow when set to my computer time. I'm going to leave it for the winder for 24 hrs and see how it does.It was about 30 sec slow before I sent it for service. It is a 20 year old watch.
  3. That is what I expected from the movement. As you can see from the chart I listed and after 20 hrs the amplitude goes from 179-215.
  4. What is a normal amplitude range on a Rolex? I know my eta 2824-2 runs around 290 and my Seiko 4r36 run around 275
  5. I had no problem with the price. I sent him an email and he told me to bring it in. He had it on a cyclotest for a few days before I picked it up. I'm going to let it run on my cyclotest for 2 days before I brig it back.. I did expect it to be off 2 to 4 seconds and a amp of at least 270. rate amplitude Beat error Lady rolex Face up -13
  6. I just had a lady rolex with a 2235 movement serviced. I checked it on a timegrapher when I got it home. Face up I had a rate of -13 amplitude of 234 and error of .4. To me this looks like it still need service. The shop had it for 9 weeks. With crown up it reads -24, 204, .8. My 20 year old seiko runs at -6, 270,.3 and it has never been serviced. I think I should take it back to the shop. I was charged $360 for the service so I'm a little upset with it.
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