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  1. Thank you, I just recently started appreciating Seiko dress watches and started looking at KS' and GS'. I'd like to see what a KS SCVN001 looks like in the "steel".
  2. The King Seiko's 5625-7000 & 5625-7110 are the most recent JDM additions to the collection
  3. About half the collection:
  4. Ordered both, SARB033 & 035 NIB's, before leaving home last week for work. They have since arrived & now awaiting my return tomorrow night. Plan on putting them both on leather straps, hope I like them!
  5. Hello Everyone, Been a watch lover as far back as I can remember, since at least 5 years old! I have owned Timex', Citizens and Seikos, early on and later got into swiss aviation themed watches, Glysine, Breitling and even a Rolex GMT in my young adulthood. Over the last 5 years the bug bit hard and, after going down a deep rabbit hole, I now have a collection of close to 50 watches, the majority being vintage automatic Seiko Divers but now starting to appreciate the older Seiko dress watches too. Around the same time I started fiddling around with watches to source the ETA 28xx movements which I've used to build a couple custom watches. I'm considering taking some lessons to further my skill set and service my own movements. I modest watch tool collection and have un-cased and re-cased movements, changed batteries, replaced crystals, bezels, dials and hands, and tore into the keyless works, mostly to swap out the 3-position set bridge, on no-date watches, to a 2-position set bridge. I've recently become aware of and started watching Mark's WRC videos. Great videos! cheers, Mel
  6. you need a crown tube and pusher removal tool or press
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