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  1. Hello, I'm new to servicing/repairing/making/tinkering with watches & clocks. With a lifetimes collection of watches and clocks I'm really looking forward to being able to care for them myself rather than paying for the . I'm halfway through Mark's Watch Repair Level 3 course (Fault Finding), which I would recommend to anyone (Excellant set of courses). Intending to start my British Horological Institute Technician Practical Clock and Watch Servicing once I've completed WR. (Unless Mark brings out a Level4 - Chronograph + Mechanical Alarms before then?) Looking forward to learning more about this amazing profession. Currently working on 2 Seiko Sea Horse's (Calibre 66A's) but didn't think to take photo's at the start so no before and after pics. We live and learn (hopefully). Mark
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