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  1. Hello, I have a question regarding some Certina crowns. I have owned several Certinas with this very same logo on the crown. I was wondering if these are related to Certina in any way? At first I though it stood for Kurth Freres, but I really don't know. Thank you very much for the help.
  2. Hello, A few days ago I received a watch with a valjoux 92 movement. It worked fine untill it stopped. I am thinking of servicing it, but I am new to oiling chronographs. Where I could find an oil chart for the movement? I could only find it for 7750s and such. An english version of the document from cousins could be nice as well, but I guess I could try to translate it. Thank you very much for the replies.
  3. Indeed! I'll definitely wear this once I've repaired it. I'm still trying to figure out where I could find the parts for the wheels on the dial side. Worst case I'll just make some myself.
  4. Ok, thank you John. I thougt you needed som sort of electricity for a reduction to occur. I'll check it out in the weekend.
  5. Wouldn't think so.. The jar i put the parts and solution in is of glass. Maybe it reacts with the mesh cage for the smaller parts? Not sure what they are made of. Other than that I really don't know. Unless there is something in the solution..?
  6. Hello, I'm back with yet another question. This time it's regarding a cleaning solution I've used a couple of times. In my cleaning process I start with mixing the solution and water to the right ratio and then pour it into the ultrasonic cleaner. Then I run the cleaner for 30 minutes or so. Once they're done I dip them in water and then in isopropanol. After the cleaning the parts come out as super shiny. Except for a few. Usually the setting lever and pivots on the trainwheels come out as dark and when touching them with my nail for example it feels rough. Is there something wrong with my cleaning solution? If so, is there any recommendations for a cheap cleaning solution? Does this affect performance of the watch? Thank you very much for your responses. (Can't visit the page for the item, so this screenshot will have to do)
  7. Thanks, I'll look into it once I'm home again.
  8. Hello, I recently aquired this piece in a watch lot and was wondering about what this is, and when this piece is from? I was thinking first that it might be from the first world war eraz but Im not sure. The movement seems to be missing a few parts in the keyless. What do you think it's worth? Thank you.
  9. Ok, thanks. The ticking sounds off. I'll look into it.
  10. I've been tinkering with watches for about year or so. I have cleaned and oiled several watches with good results. Sometimes I mess up the oiling, though and I believe that might be a part of the problem since it got signifigantly better after removing some. Maybe the oil is stealing the power from the spring and weakens the amplitude? I think I'll redo the watch.
  11. Sorry, I meant 2834-2. It's a real ETA from a 90s Mido. Im not familiar with regulation systemts, but it's the same as all other 28xx movement I've owned. I suspected that I had used too much oil and I cleaned the Pallets. After installing it the beaterror went to 1.5ms, amplitude to 150 and the timegrapher draws a consistant line that matches with the numbers. I am not an expert, but it looks like the balance swings with more amplitude than 150. Could it be wrong? I havent changed the lift angle.
  12. Hello again, I recently cleaned and oiled an ETA 2834. After this I started regualting the watch. I've been at ut for hours and the best I can get is 3.3ms. The timegrapger does show 2 staight lines some of the time, but ofter it's all over the place. It not magnetic and the spring looks to be in good condition. Does anyone know how to fix this? Also amplitude is either 320 or 170 degrees on the timegrapher. Thank you.
  13. Found one on ebay that should fit according to the seller. Thanks guys!
  14. Hello, My landeron 48 needs a balance staff, but I don't know which staff to get. It does not have incabloc shock absorbers. Are the staffs for incablocs the same as the ones for movements without? Thank you
  15. Hello, I didn't know what to search to find the answer to this question and it might be a stupid one. My question is: Could soldering be an alternative to lazer welding when it comes to filling dents and kinks in watchcases? I've been wanting to restore a watch case, but lazer welding equptment seems to be way out of my budget. The case is of brass and I will gold plate it afterwards, but there are also some dents along the edges that I'd like to repair. Thank you.
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