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  1. So, looking at the diagram I was given, what parts would I need to order? I just don’t get how the shaft that spins the hands came out but won’t stay in now? And when pulled out slightly it will spin the dates but not the hands themselves.
  2. Also, what exactly is the “module”? I looked at the diagram that was given and didn’t see it labeled. Just wondering what I should order exactly. I’m just confused as to why it worked, then stopped working after the metal cover was removed and the post itself came out. thanks
  3. I posted them in the other post but felt I’d try my own thread instead of piggy backing off someone’s. thank you all for the help. I’ll try those suggestions
  4. I was simply trying to start a new thread so my questions didn’t get lost in the other persons post. i don’t know what a Module is or why it needs replaced. I also don’t get what happened to the watch and why I can’t fix the issue. So I’m just looking for more explanation is all.
  5. I have an MK watch that the hands won’t turn when the battery is in or when I spin the shaft for adjustment. Not sure why. Nothing appears to be broken and when the battery is in the chrono (stop watch style second hand) still ticks.
  6. Take a look at these. Should be correct from what I’ve found online and can remember from when I took it apart. Also, on the stem, do I have the green gear and the tiny metal sleeve going the proper way (teeth on sleeve towards green cog)?
  7. Similar deal, sorry. Did not know that the “push” was allowing the stem to come out. So I took all the screws out of the metal covering. Once all the guts fell out, the stem came out. I fixed what needed fixed and reassembled the watch. Now the stem comes in and out with ease, doesn’t lock into place. And when I pull it out slightly, as they usually allow, the date clicks to change but the hour/minute hands don’t move. And when a battery is in, the secondary second hand (stopwatch dial) will tick but the main second hand will not. Not sure what I did. Any help please. Thank you
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