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  1. Thanks! Do you know if it’s possible to date this watch? If not accurately then approximately would be good.
  2. Brilliant thanks!!! What is the best way to determine which crystal I get - since they are cheap I might get a couple of low domes and see what I want. I think 2mm ish will work the hands don’t need much clearance, although keen to keep as close to what the original might have been as possible. ive just ordered that glue too and will check out the video before attempting it.
  3. Wow that is so cool. You certainly know you stuff! I had a look with my eye piece and I can see a little HF I think stamped, and a 383.
  4. The watch was passed on to me so don’t know too much about it. I can’t see any meaningful markings on it unfortunately. thanks - can anyone recommend me the best glue for this?
  5. Thanks glad you like it. I’ve been meaning to sort this for ages! the one that fell off measured around 4.5mm and was far too tall. I think about half that would be more in keeping. is there a different between crystal and acrylic?
  6. Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read my post. I have an old Hermes watch that has been sat in a drawer for years. It needs a few things to get it working so hoping you can help. I didn’t want to do anything before consulting this forum. 1/ The glass was replaced at some point but I think it’s the wrong type, it was a high domed acrylic glass which looks to have been glued in - I think it should be friction fit. I’ve checked on my vernier calipers and it’s bang on 30mm - the glass that has fallen out seems to have worn at the edges but it 29.7mm so may explain why it is falling out. What would you recommend I replace with? I think it would have come with acrylic from speaking to a couple of watch dealers so perhaps worth replacing with a low dome one? 2/ The face if the watch is obviously a bit sun damaged and aged which I’m ok with but it has got some dirt on it I think. I don’t know if I should just blow some compressed air on it or if I should wipe it but I’m worried about making it worse. Any suggestions welcome - I tried to get a close up. 3/ I need a new strap and pins - it’s 18mm. I was going to keep it classic so thinking a leather strap - any suggestions what I should get? Not sure what to pair it with.
  7. No thanks to you all! I owe you some beers! I enjoy fixing things but like to done right so was extra cautious. i would like to fix my bearing at some point can you suggest a good tool? I’ve looked around and found some options ranging from eyelet machines (which might come in handy when retrim my cars interior) to some hand held spring hammers similar to an automatic punch which I don’t like. I’d like a small bench hand press with a variety of stakes. I may even fix one of my others watches which has been sat in a drawer for Years!
  8. Thanks that’s what I need the clamp at the bottom there. Any idea where I can get one? I’ve tried ebay and all sorts. also how do you annotate like that it’s neater than my scribbles!
  9. It’s not those I have the two screws there for that I think is that the dial ring support? i think it’s three of the number 43 in the picture below. They call it a key bolt. Basically it’s like a washer under the screw head that holds the movement in place inside the case. The washer slots inside a groove in the case so holds it in.
  10. Any idea where I should buy the parts I need? looks like I need 3 key bolts, a press and a bearing for my weight.
  11. I’ve seen it called a key bolt - sorry for my crap terminology! I’m more used to working on classic cars! 7613226021778 Found that part number or 001656 but can’t find any from google searching.
  12. Woohooo fixed and it winds. Thanks all. Just need to find those lugs now somewhere online and I’m done, although I should probably replace the bearing it appears to have a tiny amount of play.
  13. I think I can see what I have done wrong. I’ll strip the keyless and start again! in the meantime I’ll look to order a new bearing and the other parts I need. In the manual I think I need part 43 the lugs or whatever they are called to seat the movement in the case and hold it in place. What are these called (table only goes up to 42) and where can I order. for the bearing also where do I order and do I need any special tools? Bearing only has the slightest of play but will do meanwhile. should probably get some lubricant and do this properly also.
  14. Sorry everyone more questions. This watch may be in a worse shape than a realised. So the setting position and keyless all seems fine, i can see the position move in the setting jumper and I can wind the watch fine. ive stripped the keyless again and reinserted the stem again to check. When I manually push the sliding pinion onto the winding pinion and turn I am met with the same resistance. I can’t turn the stem. i can wind up the watch manually with the oscillating weight (I think it’s called the half circle metal at the back) and it all works fine. ive tried to photograph what I think is the issue. Sorry I don’t know the correct terms, but this wheel seems stuck. Also the bearing needs replacing on the oscillating weight it seems to have play. Ive been trying to work out what is wrong studying the manuals but am unsure now sorry to keep asking!
  15. It isn’t because it’s wound, you can tell with the Movement. It feels tight as well even on the setting position, much more resistant than a similar Raymond Weil freelancer watch I own and just tried. It was working before I took it apart so I’m assuming it’s something I’ve done.
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