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  1. yes that is the smart thing to do. i agree. THANKS.
  2. Hello. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the Longines Gemini II from the mid 70's. it has an LED and a LCD on the watch. Anyway i noticed 3 weeks ago that it was slowing down keeping time. This i do not understand since the two displays are very bright so it can not be a power issue. How can a solid state timepiece such as this slow down in time? it is slowing down about 15 minutes an hour. all functions work but the time is not keeping accurate. I took it to my watch repair man and he did not know much about these and i suggested new batteries but he said if the displays are powered fine than it is gettin power to keep time. Any one see this happen in these mid 70's solid state time pieces? Thanking you in advance.
  3. Thank you Watchweasol. you're help is always appreciated.
  4. this is a link to a watch like mine that is for sale now. That is the original band that i am looking for nothing special but i have a thing for originality if possible. https://www.chrono24.com/tissot/gents-automatic-wristwatch--seastar-automatic--id12207238.htm
  5. Watchweasol. thanks for the advice. Do you think Tissot dealers and agents could help me with this watch band from the 1970's or just newer bands? i like the advice of the British Horological Society but I reside in the States. Do you think they could still help?
  6. Thanks for the advice. rogart63...I need 20mm lugs and i am trying to get at least a 1970's band to keep it close to orginal as possible but thank you for your reply. If I am patient I believe i will get one. Let me know if you have any leads though. Thanks again.
  7. Hello all. was hhoping someone may know where i may find an original Tissot watch banf for my 1972 Tissot Seastar. It is a 2018-44807 20mm watch band. Any leads you may have would be great since I am having difficulty locating one through the well known sources such as EBAY or CHRONO24.
  8. Thank you very much for the link. Much appreciated
  9. Here is my only blue. TISSOT SEASTAR AUTOMATIC
  10. thank you for the education. it is so greatly appreciated. you are right the push date function does not work so it sounds like you have diagnosed it right. I will bring it in to my watchmaker and have it repaired. would you know what type of band this would have had. this band is not original and does not fit anyway.
  11. hello. it clicks slightly further ahead each time you go around the hour. what is a friction exasperate fault and is it costly to fix please
  12. Yes...needs a professional eye. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Thanks. Watchmaker heal my seastar please.
  14. hello.i am a new member but an old watch enthusiast. I can not seem to get enough old watches. They are all so unique and a reflection of beauty. I would ho o fat as to say that I have a watch problem. Anyway...nice yo meet you all fellow enthusiasts. I posted a question about my 1970 tissot seater automatic.
  15. Hello. I bought a 1970's Tissot Seastar automatic cal 2481 mvmt on Ebay .Before i bring this to my watch repair man i was hoping you might have an idea what is wrong from how i have described it.. when you go to set the time it will click once an hour like there is a tooth issue in the setting train. It will set fine but it has that clicking issue.
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