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  1. Thanks for sharing. Very diverse.
  2. My new 1958 Omega Seamaster 'Seachero'. I posted a bit more info about it in the 'What so you have coming' thread.
  3. Well, its not coming it arrived and I am elated! A 1958 CK2990 Ranchero case with its original box! Although not technically a Ranchero, collectors call this particular 2990 a 'Seachero' due to the fact that they share the same case as the Ranchero. It sports a 267 Cal. And is 36mm wide. The watch is virtually untouched - all but the band. Original polish and movement. To have the box is extremely rare as they were only made for 2 years. The previous owner's DNA and grime is still on the caseback and lugs. Timed it and it's running slow. Will service the movement.
  4. Thank you for sharing! Zodiac has a rich history and to think that at one time, the zodiac super seawolf was in competition with Rolex!
  5. My 1971 Seiko 6105 - 8810. Just recieved new waffle straps in the mail and wanted to see what they look like. Not bad I must say.
  6. My 1961 Omega Constellation. Hard to believe its 60 years old. I don't think the Omega bracelet is correct . I believe these types came out in 62'. Doesn't matter since I like these more squared grains more. CAL 561 under the hood.
  7. Classic 60s. Great example from that era. I run in to Lip on occasion but I also dont know much about them. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Welcome. Do you know what kind of watch you will be receiving? Congrats on your future wedding!
  9. Who knows. Makers buy different cases from makers for different reasons. Perhaps the case back didn't even belong to the case and was an odd replacement.
  10. Hello all, This build took me 2 months to finish; mostly due to the shipments delay from Europe. But here it is. A watch designed by me. Well at least put together by me. When I decided on this project it was very important to me that I used as many Swiss components as I can. This is just a personal preference. Searching for parts I found a NOS dial that at one time were used by Ollech & Wajs. I got super excited since they were used for vintage Unitas 6497s. The movement I planned to use. Speaking of which, I took a Unitas out of an old pocket watch from the early 60s. I found the
  11. 1966 14k Omega Seamaster Ref KL6746. It's my understanding that these particular C cases were made for the US market and imported by the Norman Morris Corp. The solid gold case resembles the other C style cases that made up the Constilattion line that was designed by the famed designer Gerald Genta. I have it on a period Perlon strap. Summertime!
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