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  1. I've had this watch longer than any other. Sentimental to me. Always been a work in progress. An ongoing problem has been there doesn't seem to be enough power to operate all the functions properly unless I keep pressure on the crown, essentially loading the mainspring. (Which I have changed several times) Have cleaned, checked for interference, changed components, with no luck. Have even run the basic movement without any additional complications to no avail.
  2. Figured the pushers out.The silver part is the inner piece on the inside of the case. The brass piece with the o-ring is the outer part that gets pushed. Obviously the spring sits in between. The silver end is a tube that pressure fits over the outer piece. Has a knob like end that keeps it from slipping through the sleeve insert, which has a large diameter on the outside and a smaller diameter on the inside. That also keeps the spring retained between the 2 pieces. Sorry for the poor quality.
  3. tried that with some lube and an oiler. Didn't do much. Going to try the cleaner and see it it loosens things up. Thinking more of a rust issue with the springs maybe. I can push them in but they get stuck in that inward position. Thanks for all the input.
  4. Assuming the tube size to sit outside the pusher?
  5. How would you get the cleaner/lube between the sleeve and pusher shaft where I assume there is a spring?
  6. movement IS out of case. The last 2 pics are from the inside looking at the pushers. BTW no C clip either
  7. Have a couple of sticky pusher on a eta 2892-a2. Revue Thommen. Cant figure out how to remove them,
  8. Thanks. Talking through and getting great advice goes a long way. Will adjust the hs tomorrow. thanks again!
  9. Still tinkering. Continuing the assembly. TG shows improvement.
  10. Changed balance and hairspring. Removed pallet ok. New video. Rotation almost 540(270 ampl). Getting there 20200324_171343_002_1_2.mp4
  11. Using your diagram, rotation measures from the table jewel centered between the pallet horns which is centered between the banking pins. That gets close to 1 full rotation. 20200324_124006_002.mp4
  12. When you say impulse pin are you referring the to the roller jewel. Also, you are using the banking pin center in either case correct? I then understand the balance rotating twice if using the end rotation contact with the outside of the pallet horns. Took a new video with a partial assembly. Rotation appears approx 3/4 .Also pic of timing. Not reading very well as you can see
  13. You mean overbanking? I haven't observed that in a running state. When I manually rotate the balance it takes 2 rotations in either direction for the balance to hit a stop. Now that may be it hitting the outside of the fork horn. I'll have to check that Thanks
  14. Yes I replaced the mainspring with a correct piece. I also removed all chromo functions to ease the drag on the train movement. That's when I observed the over rotation. Although the movement is still very slow. I can see the pallet fork banking from pin to pin. Need to take a closer look, but it appears the fork rests on one of the banking pins and seems to hit and bounce off the other. It's torn down/cleaned and ready to check components. Plan to assemble train only, and go from there. Thank you.
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