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  1. Hi folks. Sorry I have not been on much lately. I have uploaded the Service document to Google Drive. Hopefully this will allow everyone to get to it again. Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw4CFczC5vh0XzI0TjVTRDQzaWc Please let me know if you have any issues accessing it.
  2. Tracy. I think it is working again. Maybe it was because I haven't logged in in quite a while? When I click it it immediately downloads it rather than trying to open it in the browser. Let me know if you are still having trouble.
  3. Ro63rto, That looks like exactly what I have. Just so I know, how tightly does that crystal fit to the movement holder? Obviously the crystal I had would not fit at all, just trying to determine what to expect when the new crystal arrives.
  4. Great advice ro63rto! I emailed the site owner and he responded within minutes as follows: I did attempt it, but the crystal would not fit over the inner case and ended up cracking. Cousins did not have the replacement Roamer crystal in stock, but I found the Sternkreuz catalog here http://www.sternkreuz.de/accordion/assets/Sternkreuz_Gesamtkatalog%20G22.pdf which has a huge list of original crystals for many brands and their Sternkreuz equivalents. According to it the x7164 Roamer crystal I need is a Sternkreuz 316/305 which Cousins does have in stock. So...order placed.
  5. Thanks for all of the replies, I wish the fix was as simple as stated, but without any pressure at all the case back bottoms out. It just sits in there flush with the case an then falls back out. Hence my confusion and why I thought maybe there was a ring missing or something.
  6. Hey all, I recently acquired a Roamer. As soon as I unwrapped it the movement fell out of the case into my hand. Here is a picture of the case and movmement: I've not worked on a watch like this before where the movement comes out along with the case back. I can't for the life of me figure out how the caseback/movement are supposed to stay in the case. It looks like a snap back but it simply falls out when I put it together. I contacted the seller and they said it must have been shipping damage and that they would pay to have it repaired, but honestly I can't figure out how this could have ever worked. It's almost like there is some kind of ring missing or something. Any thoughts?
  7. Andy, welcome to the forum. When I serviced the 253 I did not have to replace the balance so not sure how much help I can be. I would have thought the little semi-circle plate would have come pre-mounted on a new one. It is definitely just a press fit. Here is the only picture I have of it: Myself I don't think I would attempt this without using a staking set or something pretty precise. As you said, the chance of slipping and wrecking the hairspring would be pretty high.
  8. That seriously looks fantastic! Is this screen printing or pad printing? Or something else? I would like to try my hand at this sometime down the line as well. Can you tell us more about the process and equipment?
  9. Here is my latest acquisition. The dial is really a beautiful blue. Unfortunately it is a bit too dainty for my wrist. I'm normally ok with watches that are a bit "small" by today's standards, but this one just doesn't look right on me. My son expressed an interest so once I have it serviced he will be the proud owner.
  10. Esslinger did indeed refund my money with no issue. The band from Ofrei arrived and I am quite pleased. Here is the fit.
  11. Thanks guys, I'm giving Ofrei a try and ordered an 18 mm. I'll post pics of the fit when it comes.
  12. Just wondering about selecting the correct size for this band. The crappy band was an 18 mm and as you can see it is a bit smooshed. The next standard size seems to be 16 mm. I measure the width between lugs on this watch to be 17.43 mm. What is the right choice for this measurement?
  13. Thanks guys. Think I'll try the dousing first. I feel like there is a 99.9% chance I will break off a piece of pegwood in there. Not sure if this strange spring is some kind of repair or if this is how it originally was. One of the other jewel holes is a closed jewel as well. All in all I'm not impressed with this design from a serviceability perspective.
  14. Bob, I'm a tad confused by your suggestion. Are you proposing I whittle down a piece of peg wood fine enough to insert it into the pivot hole on the other side for cleaning?
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